Friday, November 30, 2007

Are You Willing???

i juz came back from infuse n it was great...YUP!!!! it was really good n i'll gives thumbs up for love all of u guys in infuse..You guys rock my world..lolz
so so so 2 days message was are you willing 2 die for God as he has die for u on the cross?????
2 me im definatelly gonna say this word

YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!

of course im willing..he has done so many great thing in my life which i cannot ask for kinda strike my head like a bolt of lightning and said tat no matter wat happen God is still there for u even you are feelin up or down... Well watch a great dvd about this pastor in australia n man he was cool(cant really recall wat is his name*buat muka tak tau*)..
hahahahahah ok ok ok Judee pls get serious here..
so..... he was like talkin n talkin bout this tat there are lots of ppl out there hu don even know bout this great man God.. n n n he is willing 2 die for God juz 2 save everthing from school,university,family and even the WORLD!!!!
he did all this so tat everyone knows how great is our God although he has been looked down so many times trying 2 tel bout the world of God 2 those ppl out love it went everyone goes YEAH!!!!! COME ON!!!!

tat is wat i call e spirit around us lifting us he continues(the pastor which i do not know his name...don really remember la..)
telling everyone bout the word of God... everyone started 2 stand up n cheer for him..
wow tat was cool don u think so...
lolz well have a blast after tat n joy even try not 2 remember my b day even though im not here 2 celebrate my b day...
hahahaha n she even said tat there are only 30 days in january..
wat!!!! well she is trying 2 delete my b day date in her brain so she would forget it...heheheheheh well i know u wont rite Joy..lalalalalala



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