Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Beginning...

Well never thougth of having a blog in my entire life as im e very lazy person 2 update on something...ya LAZY!!!! seems now is holiday i think is e best things 2 do rite???? hahahahaha
ok ok ok moving on while startin this bolg man i don even know wat 2 do... i was like wat the hacked!!!! how do u use this thing...

I ADMIT LA TAT IM 2 DUMB 2 USE THIS!!!! i ask ppl for help n guess wat...someone call me RETARD!!!! n thanks wendy for callin me tat...jezzzzzzzzzzz cant belive myself for lettin u cal me tat
ish ish ish ish... BABI LA U WENDY!!!! lol opps, pls don wacked me after readin this..hehehehehehe


come on dudes give me hugs n kisses la for leanin somethin new..hahahaha
makan kat mamak pun boleh la.. but don ask me 2 pay..
hehehehe ppl wan 2 safe money...weeeeeeeeee im gettin e hand of this n im seriously liking this man... is fun havin a blog!!!!!

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