Friday, December 7, 2007


hi ppl...wats up!!!!!!!! ( don say this:oh nothing is all going down ) i know i did not update for the past 2 days..well i have been busy.. ya ya ya busy... doing wat???
seaching for any college tat have my course...hmmmmmmm till now i still have no hope yet but i wont give up....( but i was in e giving up mood ) anyway i juz wanna say thanks 2 my friend who had try 2 cheer me up and indeed they have...but i still feel this sadness in me..anyway don wanna talk bout this prob of mine..
now i wanna tell u guys this...hehehehehe about the title up there it kinda relate 2 this undang listening yesterday..jezzzzzz ppl hu r gonna listen man it is really boring..
well i was tired and at the same time i have this bad headache due to a very late sleep the day before....hmmmm without even paying attention 2 wat the person talking about..i was like sleeping for a while,doin the book tat mr lim gave me n also listening 2 music wif my ipod...hahahahaha this is wat u call masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri or vise versa..lolz ( don know my own peribahasa )
i went 2 e learning school thingy with fern and she kinda did the same thing as me ( masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri ) but she spend her time reading the book tat she brought,sleeping and also do the book tat mr lim gave 2 her...well athers are doin the same thing as well...hahahahah
before tat we went for this colour exam and hey i got 23 out of 23.weeeeeeeeee!!!!!! happy happy happy lalalalala ok ok stop judee!!! then we went for this ceramah thingy tat took like 7 hours..jezzzzzzzzz 7 HOURS!!!!!! well there is this break in between for like half an hour only...sobx sobx sobx cant even eat longer n enjoy walking around...hahahahaha btw the food there sucks..i din really eat a lot n i was like craving for nice food later when we are in jj.anyway i did my favourite thing in e whole wide world n tat is camwhoring...hahahahah i really do enjoy tat moment wif fern..till this guy came n said KPP MASUK DALAM!!!!!!!!!!!
man i was like who on earth is he calling and in the end i was like oh is us fern...gosh but hey only 2 hours left than we r freeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeehooooooooo!!!!!! hahahahahah ok im gonna cut the story short n now when we are in jj...fern was like taking pics of SALE sign everywhere tat we can find even from adult store 2 kiddy store...hahahahaha den fern was like help me find shades i wan new we went 2 this shades shop... well u know it all me n her started trying on some although i brought mine e end fern brought this shades n hey fern i like it la it really do suit u alot wei!!!!!!!! hahahahaha
than later we went 2 pdi n fern was like i need 2 get new top 2...ok ok n off she goes trying some n she did brought 1...hahahahah den wen fern is gonna pay for her shirt she ask me this woi wat u want la for christmas...hmmmm i was like i don know le but i know i want an ipod touch...fern gave me this stare and i was like ok ok hahahaha so i told her wat i want n i ask her we walk n walk n she said she wanna eat delifance long bread wif kaya n garlic butter.... yummy yummy!!!!! n we sat at this bench and eat...we kinda like very lazy 2 walk ady la...hahahahaha so we sat n eat..
den fern needs 2 buy mcd for sis n off she went n me 2 juz like 10 minutes later..well i had fun n guess wat the minute i went back i bath n blow dry my hair...and i was 2 tired so i slept...hehehehehehe it was like 9 pm n hehehehehe i woke up at 10.35 this morning....
hahahahahha i know la me babi-ing...wat 2 do la damn tired la wei...hehehehehehe

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