Sunday, December 2, 2007

happy happy shopping again

weeeeeee!!!!!!!! ppl i went shopping again.lalalalalala but this time i get 2 buy lots of stuff...n n n i even went and watch movie wif my beloved mum n aunt..
we went and watch 'ENCHANTED'.
ooooooooo is really nice ppl u guys should go n watch it... watch it watch it watch it..hahahahaha
well e story goes like this..there this gal cal gissele n she is gonna married this guy call prince edward although they only meet for 1 day ...(well e gals name i don really know how 2 spell le)
on their wedding day the prince step mum is kinda e antagonise charactor in this movie and she was trying 2 stop prince edward from marrying the gal so tat she can continue 2 to hold control of the throne..
she has powers like wat u see in fairy tale tat she can change herself 2 an old ugly lady trying 2 trick gissele so tat she could not get married 2 prince edward..
ok went she arrive 2 new york through this sewege hole in the middle of the road and she kinda freak herself there cuz she don even know where the hacked is she...hahahahaha n finally she meet this guy cal errrr wait i don really remember his name(well he is not handsome so i don really care his name in the movie hahahahaha)
so so so...anyway is not nice 2 tel e whole story out if some of u guys haven i wil skip everything n i'll go 2 the ending.
the ending is tat gessile n this guy which i cant recal his name live happiy ever after n his galfriend married 2 prince edward in wat country do u cal it..
aiyah juz watch it yourself

Well 2 day i brought new clothes n also cds 2 watch seems tat im out off skul ady..
man im so gonna spend my time watching movie in cinema or at home n also SHOPPING!!!!!!!! with frens.
loving it*buat muka loving loving it* (^_^)

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