Friday, December 7, 2007

im going crazy!!!!!

hehehehehe im goin mad again ppl...2 hours ago or maybe more den tat i was in parade 2 sell my books 2 novel hut.ish ish ish i buy books for like 100 bucks n above n guess wat tat dude gave me back for selling my book...hahahahaha only 55 jezzzzz i was like can the price be 60 n here what he said.. cannot la gal next year they giving free books bla bla bla..hmmmmmm anyway i was not listening..hahahahah tat is wat i also do..hehehehehe

well later i went in 2 this music world...well i think u guess it yup yup yup heheheheh i saw this....

hahahahah well i did not buy this...this has only 4 songs n the price (rm45) is not my taste at all.heheheheh well im waiting for this 2 combined with all the singles tat they had release just like what they did for heart,mind and soul and also five in the black...well this caught my attention and instead os buying tat top 1...hahahahahah

i brought this!!!!! TOHOSHINKI 2ND LIVE TOUR 2007 FIVE IN THE BLACK!!!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! happy happy happy...lalalalalalal anyway the cover is not like tat but i have this and it is e last 1... and this dvd concert is ppl for those who cant buy im so sorry and also don kill me for showing this 2 u guys...i cant juz leave it alot there all by its i cant stop myself and told my mum...MUMMY IS LAST 1 CAN I CAN I??? and mum reply this ok take it... weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! this even make more happier..hahahahaha

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