Saturday, December 29, 2007

my day hanging out wif frens!!!

hooooooorayyyyyyy!!! well ist empty here so i decided 2 fill it up wif apa yang saya suka...wakakakakak

man i love my life my parents n my frens 2

AMEN!!!! love u guys 2 e fullest wei


Well hari ini...wat la bm pula ish ish ish..ok ok well 2 day i have 2 wake up early cuz im goin out breakfast wif wendy n her fren which i newly meet 2 day n his name is ryan...u r a cool dude but 2 quiet la u...hahahhaha so u muz b like me...super talkative xD.. we kinda like went n ate breakfast well DUH!!! hahahhaha didnt i said tat juz now...hahahhaha so we went 2 this place near my house n i ate chicken rice for breakfast..ooooooooo hahahha N JOY HAMSTER GOT EAT K!!! hehehehehehe so after breakfast we went 2 jusco cuz wendy wanna buy pressie for her friend n at e same time me n her got ding a chrismas it a CUTE MONKEY SHAKING ITS HEAD LEFT N RIGHT..well according 2 ding after opening it he said it looks like an indian shaking iths head...ish ish ish wanna smacked u la wei!!!
no la hahahha but IT IS CUTE!!!!
blekz!!! so sfter tat i went 2 sushi king meet up wif him n this is wat we did... ( well mun siong was there 2)

me n ding....i was thinking something

wat should i do next...ding was like hmmmmmmmmm

so lets get rough n ding seems liking every moment of me biting him up lolz

finally im e winner n ding lose 2 me...tat is y he is sad...wakakakakakka

tat all la wei din really fight at all la... we were juz playing nothing happen but his eyes was seriously bengkak....according 2 him wendy kicked him...hahahahhahaha

well after tat we kinda like go our way n ding told me 2 cal him if wendy n ryan dumped me..eventually they did so later i don now wat happen la.mayb ding gonna bully wendy for me...ahahahhahaha after jusco ryan was like so where u guys wanna go n my big mouth lets go parade n see u buy he actually brought us 2 parade...aiseh!!! cun la he....lolz so he brought somthing there 2 n me n wendy went bowling...weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! it has been a while tat i did not went bowling...hahahhahah i got a strike!!!!!

HOORAY!!! for judee yeah!!!!well have great fun 2 day n 2 moro there r more waiting for me..well 2 dat youth service was awesome man!!!!!


i got lots of hugs from my fren n really don wanna leave them but hey they r gonna visit me so im like super happy!!!! love u guys lots..


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samantha said...

hahaha.. i duno whether u remember me..samantha wulff? wendy's classmate last time. saw yr blog from cute la u..
anyway happie new year 2008!