Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my madness!!!!

many of my freinds know tat i buy lots of singers album from the cd shop..hahahahaha and recently i juz brought super junior 2nd album...man they change alot and thier album cover is nice...anyway shoot me if those know me cuz this album cost 70 buckz...ya i know is expensive well wat 2 do... i like them 2 like dong bang shin ki...hahahahaha well here is the pic of their 2nd album...

btw juz recently 2 i brought dong bang shin ki all about them season 2...man im seriously so into them tat i even have their all about them season 1... besides tat i got most of their album like triangle, rising sun,heart mind and soul,o jung ban hap,five in the black n not forgetting their 1st live concert in korea... man man man i really do spend lots of money on them..well is ok la..

actually it is more cheaper buying their stuff on9 den ordering from 1 shop which i do not wanna tel u guys..cuz wen i brought my all about TVXQ season 1 from their shop,they kinda cheated my money... ok ok ok i tell u guys how much i brought all about TVXQ season 1..is rm199..can u see tat price???hahahahah expensive 2?? well not really hehehehehe 2 me..and wen i went on9 in this website...the price for all about TVXQ season 1 is only rm149... see the difference..man im not goin 2 tat shop again.anyway here r some of the pics from all about TVXQ seoson 2...hahahahaha wanna know e price..well ok ok i tell is rm185.50 including shipping tax..lalalalalal love it so much..weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

the front cover...nice right??heheheheh tat is yes for me

this is the back of the whole thing

and this inside the box...

well tat is all for now...don say im rich k...im lucky 2 have parents tat willing 2 pay for me wat i wan..hahahahah don get jealous k ppl..

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