Monday, December 24, 2007


Sob sob really kinda make me feel sad wen i said this gonna miss all my fren although i still see them..well 1 more week means tat im goin off 2 ns ady..well i really do not know wat is gonna happen but i still go there wif a huge open heart...
im kinda busy this whole week wif all e caroling practice n hey yeah!!!! yesterday was my very 1st time in tambun lost world..well no one was really listening 2 us but hey we still get some support..hahahhahaha (buat muka bangga)
well i din really play wif them cuz im not feeling well...I HAD LOTS OF FUN AFTER TAT!!!!!! cuz i got wet by hugs from fern n shi min n also lilian....
man aiyah don care ady la...heheheheheheh
later tat nite wen out n watch movie wif them n i watch im a lagend again but this time i slept through e ending part...i was too tired ady la after all e caroling in lost world...
well i know im not consistant here but i still wanna post this...on friday after n christine went back 2 COP n kinda like told ps angela tat this is our last time in cop but it will not be mine cuz i wil visit them wen im free...
thanks for all your guidance wen im there all COP ppl..
i wil definately miss all of u guys...

well r some pic from COP christmas celebration!!!!!!!!!

wendy jie n me

another pic of us but different spot lol

well here r some pic of frens tat i sure 2 miss most...

Me n fern

jeet jeet n me

me n joan
benita n me
my class ppl (5 science 3 rockz!!!!)
bc zai,charis n me

me,thanus n jeet jeet

me n cop gang!!!

fern,me n evelyn tan

zhen,me n zaza

mae n me in genting

me,jun yvonne

amanda n me (crazy ppl of xiah n micky oppa)

well i think tat all ppl...cya later wen i got time 2 blog...


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