Saturday, February 9, 2008

my life at ns!!!

yo wat sup ppl!!! hi im back but for 5 days only...hmmmmm sad rite tat i cant stay longer n hang out wif all of u...i know u guys miss me so 2!!!! 2 moro is the day where i have 2 leave ipoh n travel back 2 my camp


man really don wanna go back...sobz sobz well come on judee look on the bright side u get 2 meet back your frens from diff states...yuppy!!! think positive. a month in camp was super fun speaking of tat... the 1st week was horrible la..tat is went u wil feel homesick n 2 tell u guys honestly i cry for tat 1st week cuz im not use 2 it.
tat time i was so weak tat i wil juz cry n cry non stop *without ppl noticing but fail* so i ended up cryng in the bathroom..well tat is the only place where i can find peace.
Oh ya juz wanna say sorry 2 some of my frens cuz after coming back from camp i did not even update till someone ask me 2...
ish ish ish WENDY BABI u la..hahahahahah
ok camp like i said was fun. but i was sick ever since i was there..still having cough n flu now n my blood pressure is not stable yet... during camp i was having low blood pressure (100/60) it kinda shock me cuz all the while my pressure is normal... man i don wanna get sick wen i go back 2 moro..

this year new year was super fun cuz i get 2 see my bro n sis from spore...i really mis them so much n never have a good chat wif them... went down 2 kl on the 1st day after goin visiting in ipoh 2 my relatives house... at around 3 yup 3 went down 2 kl n man it was jam at tanjung malim...i mean those goin back 2 ipoh la...heheheheh kl was super warm like we r in saharra or watever u cal it..
hahahahhah having bad memory of everything..errrr not really caught ya!!!!
wakakakaka..fine continue bout my kl trip...well my car got lost in kl central...GASP!!!!
is all thanks 2 my mum...lolz u should have juz see wat did she did in the car...she cant even diff which is left n right...tat is my mum n tat is y my car got lost.. not gonna listen 2 her anymore..*showing my evil laugh*
eat at my popo's house for dinner den is off 2 chattin section.. ok next day all super lazy wanna sleep till noon but tak jadi kena bangun awal....hmmmm den get ready went 2 my tai yee's house n there i got 2 see my long lost he change a lot but his younger bro is not there.. he is still in australia so he miss this year CNY...nvm lets continue...we went sunway n i brought new loving it rite now.. hmmm wanted 2 buy this top but ended up no time so din buy well i got lots of nice baju at home ady so i better wear 1st la...
eat dinner at this restaurant but don know wat u call n spend like 400 juz for dinner...
hahahahaha den went home camwhore wif my popo new doggie.... yer so cute ar but she has this behaviour which i don really like cuz she is like scared of everyone...
den went 2 my popo room n have a chat.. wow tat is the only time tat i get 2 talk wif my bro n sis wif fun..
chat til 3 something den i said this..*cannot tahan ady la wanna sleep byez n good nite*
n nightmare start 2 woke me up at 6 30 in the morning 2 pack... jezzzzzzzz 3 hours of sleep really not enough for me la... sobz sobz n now i still haven rest after coming back from kl..
this is wat i can say bout this year cny..


pics after my camp only i upload la...heheheheheh lazy la wanna sleep ady... bye tat is all for now cya guys after camp...

shi min i wil miss u k...take care in australia!!!!!!
muaxxie n huggies 2 u..