Thursday, March 20, 2008


yo yo yo another boring day....jezzzzzz how am i gonna survive like this...mayb 2 much fun in ns makes a person goes like this....well is true wert...everyday in camp got lots of fren tat u can talk n have fun back at home everyday is like BORING...BORING...BORING...BORING!!!!
going crazy lo... everyday sit in front of the computer all i do is chat chat chat n wait tat is wat i always do ok fine im crapping again...
well yesterday at nite i got 2 go out wif mummy n daddy 2 jusco...weeeee but for an hour only swt... went shopping like never been 2 shooping malls b4 *buat muka rolling*

see this see tat hmmm saw this top worth rm 88 bucks...wanted 2 buy but mum was like u got money meh??? *giving me the evil looks of her* man hate it wen she goes like tat...but hey now is noon on 20th march 2008...later im goin out wif mum 2 parade...i think im goin 2 buy lots n lots of stuff if she gives... ok ok juz did something stupid at home...

wanna know wat???? i'll tell u guys lol i ate unagi rice... weeeeee took pics while eating it... hahahhaha i told u guys rite im super bored n i really got nothing 2 this is how i entertain myself...


well according 2 wendy im vain well i will admit tat im see im admitting wendy...*buat muka bangga sangat*


is not yummy let me intro this 2 u... my unagi rice!!!

dig..dig..dig see rice????

loving every single bite.....

envy me now??? i know u do hahahaha

n now my unagi rice is like this... lol

well i did not eat everything up la...rice was super hard n i kinda like throw it in the dustbin...hahahahha i know i waste food well it is like super hard like stone wat do u want me 2 do finish it up??? no way i will not force myself 2 stuff something in to my stomach which i don really like... tat all dudes... have fun reading...

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