Sunday, April 6, 2008




hello ppl it has been a while i did not blog...well kinda busy wif stuff like colleges but now im done wif it....hehehehhee im currently in olympia college ipoh taking hotel management course...tat means another 3 years in ipoh b4 i can go some where else 2 continue my studies...

well now college is like having this 1 months of intensive english lesson for free n mum is making go for it... well i obey mum order n went for it....ah ha!!! 1st day was super boring tat all i can say everyone is like shy not talking at all...we were not force but muz draw a cat tat resemble show u n it is call fantastic cat.... mine was super horrible lol forever... tat all for tat day

2nd day did intro n i was late a bit so i went out n kinda brighten up e class...hahahhaha tat me!!! yeah tat me den only ppl starting 2 be not so boring n out goin

3rd day i make a fool out of myself in front of the whole class well on tat day was role play so i was the narrator for my group choose 2 play a scene from this movie called fantastic 4..well as intro for tat i said this...*invisible 4*

making the whole class laugh including me...well in the end my group got a BIG BOO which is ok cuz a group got BIG BIG BOO!!! even worst lol

oh ya starting college life means new me.... this is the new mua!!!!

i got new hair cut n i even dye my hair...well colour cant be seen so so hmmmm if u wanna see way colour is my hair...ask me 2 stand under the sun den u can see...hehehehhehe is kinda brownish errrrrrrrr don know *blink**blink* hahahahhaha

tat all for now..... update as fast as i can...

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