Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh well im currently in spore doin shopping spree everday..well is kinda sad tat 2 day im sick...stupid la all thamks 2 my dog in spore...named geogie!!!! *cant believe in typing this dog name out in my blog*...enjoying my life in spore til sis kinda destroy it..jezzzzzzz hate la all...well this is only a short post of mine... i miaa my doggie CASHIE!!!! n n n i miss INFUSERS tooooooo!!!!! cant wait 2 go back n have fun till the max b4 i go college n start my course...hahahhahah

p/s: i ate sushi again weeeeeee bro belanja me...... miss goin arond in MRT!!!! only get 2 do wif bro....hahahahha thanks kor i LOVE U!!!

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