Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i got like this good news tat the virus is no longer in our college...wahahahahha super happy cant stop enjoying life in college now...but the bad things is im like the topic of the day where i kena bully teruk.... why do i always kena bully most of my time.... jezzzzz!!! geramnya u guys really get over my nerves le... well nvm i wil tahan!!! im so so gonna fight back for my life

wat happen 2 day was i nearly have this breakdown where college frens played this bad thing on me like taking my hp away n hiding it in don know who's pants...dah la my phone no more battery n it has kong out.... making my life miserable like saying oh i don know where is your phone la judee...*i was in a deep shock and started 2 like woi give back al don play pls* this is wat they said.... try n used other ppl phone n call la n see who is having it... i was like wat the crap!!! phone ady dead if i call lagi no used rite??? sure cant get through la.... begging hard there asking give me back my beloved phone....but ended up cracking my head begging hard ady... finally i wanted 2 break down ady den they all sked so they ask me 2 say 1 2 3...wat was goin on my mind was this is a trick don fall for it judee...

so i decided 2 say 3 2 1 hahahahhaha den suren was like jus say 1 2 3 your phone will pop up...haih...so i gave up n say 1 2 3.... n guess wat phone is out!!! super happy la...pls la phone is like my life k... NO PHONE NO LIFE!!!! besides tat NO MUSIC NO LIFE yea hahahhahah tat is me...where ever i go i sure got my ipod wif me cuz while i walk i sure listen 2 music... this is me!!! judee!!! *buat muka bangga*

oh yea now im like super dead meat cuz now lec was like pls judee don sms in class...i was like oh no im doom!!! *screaming my heads off ady* so now from 2 moro onwards i cannot sms ady...sobz sobz finally kena tangkap red handed le...swtz how i wish tat i got powers where i can make e lec blind hahahhaha so he cannot see me wat am i doin... man man no more sms in class really make me bored....juz one simple word bored!!! anyway is ok la getting bully in class isnt tat bored but i don like it la

now i got 4 assignments 2 do n n n in juz like 1 month plus...jezzzzzzz time really goes very fast....like a burning candle tat melts fast... haih!!!! cepatnya saya tak ma.... goin for a holiday soon weeeee but is like during july hahahahha still got time...

i know is lame but im so not lame k get the pics!!!



btw it is cute

Monday, May 26, 2008


8 things im passionate about :
  1. god
  2. my blog
  3. infuse
  4. my friends
  5. my life
  6. mcd ice cream???
  7. chatting
  8. shopping

8 things i say too often :

  1. kokoi
  2. lol
  3. wat la
  4. jezzzz
  5. ish ish ish
  6. i don know
  7. i know
  8. watever la

8 books i read recently :

  1. bible... amen!!!
  2. my college books
  3. none
  4. spore ghost stories
  5. dictionary
  6. none
  7. none
  8. nill

8 songs i could listen to over and over again:

  1. i need you-planetshakers
  2. majesty-planetshakers
  3. praise you-planetshakers
  4. free-planetshakers
  5. er jo ju-ost it started with a kiss
  6. fan-epik high
  7. breathless-shayne ward
  8. damage-shayne ward

8 things that i've learnt in the past year :

  1. faith is hard 2 handle
  2. love your neighbours no matter what
  3. friends are always there when u need them
  4. god is always there
  5. god is amazing
  6. don mess with the wrong guy
  7. cherish moments when u r still in skul
  8. is better 2 be emo when im down

8 people i tagged:

  1. fern!!!
  2. shi min
  3. sabrina
  4. patricia
  5. fiona
  6. wendy
  7. tyreal
  8. aaron

Sunday, May 25, 2008

yesterday whole day in church from morning till evening...aiseh but it was fun after tat went home rest for e while den im like out again.... go watch my frens prac for anniversary... i was there 2 give moral surpport la k *buat muka bangga* hahahhaha den after tat went yum cha at this burger stall.... man laugh for the whole 1 hour thanks 2 christine lee..man she really crap like a drunk person... inilah akibat pergi kl mana tak ada orang boleh crap sama dia.... well it was really fun til i reach home...i nearly got lock out from house though mum was in the living room watching movie...ish ish ish

2 day went service 1st some more tat means woke up super early...weng kin fetch me 2 church but i was like not listening at all....wat i did was talk...play hp games....listening 2 music... ah!!! makan sweets tat i brought....i did SHARED!!! lol den finally when it ends it kinda gave those sound effects where school has finish with the bell ringing.... wakakakka after tat went breakfast at this corner shop...i ate errrr i don know how 2 spell le *blurr casing la* anyway don care blah!!!! after tat they all went practice for dancing so i followed jadi supporter again *man im like so proud of saying tat* n i wanna say this..... to all toufu u guys did great n u guys r finally no longer toufu but fishball???? i think well i don know how 2 put in words la but gals still beat u guys in the dance floor yeah gals roxxxxx!!!!

man shool holidays r on ady n n n im like still having college...yer but my holiday is on 2nd of jun so is juz round e corner...weeeee!!!!!!!! happy happy ant wait for tat...but fern is goin back 2 kampar 2 day la....sobz sobz im sure gonna miss her...tat means no more yum cha ady but on fri n sat i still get 2 see her.....den only we will go yum cha *speaking of tat i kinda forgot tat i was grounded wei*.... (>_<)

a week in college have end but having assignments and tat virus in our course...yerrr!!!! don know how 2 survive la....but im strong blekz!!!! here it goes my week but i enjoyed it besides the prob i have but im set free so im like no longer emo....





Saturday, May 24, 2008

i pass pass pass driving!!!

pass pass pass wif my own skills!!!!

blekz =P

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

wat a day

oh well before i start 2 emo again...class was ok only but everyone was like super happy cuz tat virus is not in class 2 day yeah!!! no air pollution hari ini.1st class was like from 10 till 11.30 tat means we came out early compare to the rest... business finish at 12 noon so me and the rest are like waiting for them 2 eat lunch together..gosh i was like having gastric pain at tat moment cuz i was really like super hungry *desperate for food ady cannot tahan* while at the stairs i called weng kin cuz i was like super bored at tat time den my fren was like messing my hair,pinching my cheecks doin lots of stuff but i was like WOI!!! after the called....this is wat i decided 2 do just 2 kill the boredom in me...i beg for nothing....

after tat i decided 2 act even more worst

well all this is just for posing...lol u think is real

oh yea yee cheong is a NOOB n im not BOON!!!!


something happen 2 day after class where i had this thing *don really wanna write bout hu* but for those who know well yea u guys guess it right...hmmmmmm i was nearly 2 tears at tat moment in my life...but wat i was thinking was holding back the tears cuz i don really wanna cry in college

i don really know y this happen 2 me but i really hope all this stops...it keeps on happening again n again...i wanted 2 communicate wif him but i cant...all he says is y r u so stupid 1!!! like u r so smart...wat i said 2 u was wat the lec said is just tat u don wanna listen 2 wat i said..is it wat u want n tat it..i really wanna leave home now but i cant cuz u r the 1 tat is holding me back here

i juz wanna say thank you for tat cuz u r like a wall tat i juz cant break it down no matter wat i try.... even if u enjoy your life wif frens happily like wat u always do i don give a shit for it... cuz in your mind u only put them 1st compare 2 us... im so gonna stop now cuz i don wanna continue typing bout it..it juz hurt me alot for the past 2 weeks

oh yea i wanna wish mum happy belated birthday here cuz yesterday i went out lepak wif my frens so i did not blog..if i have one of your wish mum i just wish tat u did not go spore cuz if u go i really do not know who 2 speak 2 if u r not here.... life would be different here and everything will not be the same anymore... im happy for u tat u can go n work again but at the same time i don like it if u r not here wif me mummy i don wan u 2 go

Saturday, May 17, 2008

problems revolved my life

problems juz started n im like trying 2 face it....still not strong enough but i wil try...lots of ppl are helping me n im glad u guys r there... cell 2 day very interesting tat means tak ada cell langsung la....suppose 2 watch amazing grace but ended up lepaking in church...hahahahha

LEPAK LEPAK LEPAK is good for health wei....

well i think tat all

talked when im free...hahahhahah super busy nowadays.... i miss u guys from my school!!! i miss my gang SNOW WHITE N THE 7 DWARVES!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

my obsessions!!!

oh my oh my i juz saw american idol results show n guess wat.... DAVID COOK in final 2...wah david cook is like super hawt n he makes me sream my heads off...u wil und wen a gal see a leng zai or some one handsome...eh wait it is the same meaning lol

i hope i had the chance 2 vote for cook well 2 bad votings are only available in the states...im so so deeply in love wif cook n n n he is SINGLE!!!

vote for him ppl in the states i wan him 2 win!!!!

well class in college had started and im like enjoying every thing tat is on...most of us in college kinda hate this guy yes is the word HATE!! although is a strong word...i don care he really pissed everyone n he has been a pain in everyones asses...he also speaks rudely 2 seniors in college n worst of all he smokes but he tell a lie out of it... i cant believe tat there are such guy tat exsist in this world..he is like a bad example of a guy tat i don think i gal would wants...he tells lie 2 everyone and we all actually fall for it *i did not cause i know all this while he is a faker*

everyone is having this feeling of anti him...he is trying hard 2 get everyones attention but hey i don think it will works...

anyway im like super hardworking like this.....

is only my 3rd day enrolling in my course n see got lots of stuff 2 do ady but sooner or later my mood change and i started taking pics of myself..

not only me k...nick started using his phone taking pics of me and the lectural..lets say tat i started everything...lol class was great....besides taking pics i even broke the rule like sms in class n listening 2 my ipod when the lectural is writting notes on the white board...COOL rite???? 2 me is yes tel suren said judee woi later miss cindy jalan u will kena wei....hahahhaha i was kinda chicken out so i keep my stuff but im still talking non stop 2 nick... tat all i did la oh yea not forgetting im in a mission of screwing someone...lol my gang the csi of olympia....

oh well im like recovering from my emoness....and thanks 2 those hu cheered me up... u guys are like my encourager.... i know i had make u guys worry but hey im still judee the crappy gal...but not as lame as jethro la...he is still the lamest among all my friends... well im gonna like miss u lots cuz u r ady back in ns.... tat means my crappy is gone...i only like get 2 chat wif u once a week..... jethro i really hope u can come back early so tat u can see weng kin shake his butt on our anniversary nite... hahahahhaha

i still heart fernie!!! this was the practice place where the dancers are practicing....lol my job there is 2 camwhore... weng kin is the ghost behind walking....wakakakaka but it seems tat we look like ghost....

fern tired of practicing i was like tired of college....

ini adalah akibat of wearing heals one whole day....n writing too much also leads 2 blister...wakakakakaka everyone was like oh my judee wat happen 2 u..well nothing is juz blister but is still pain!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

tagged by beloved priya

this was it

  1. write the title of your memoirs using 6 words
  2. post it on your blog
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missing is wat i feel now

it has been so long i did not go out wif my skul frens...all r like going their own way n so do i...missing them is wat i feel now...i hope tat time just stop when i was still in skul...where me n frens used 2 go out of skulling compond 2 lepak around...seems tat tuition starts in the evening... we sometimes skip coco activities just 2 go parade

besides tat celebrating birthdays of fren in skul really bring lots of memories...seeing them blow candles from their cake really make me feel tat playing with cream is not tat bored after all...hahahahha

missing those time where i am still in church of praise n being one of the cutting edge youth member playing icebreaking with them enjoying sunday service with the cekap gang *u know hu am i refering to* really juz kinda shoot me like a spear tat has pierce into my heart.... loving them is my passion

infusers is like my family....my 2nd family even though i see them every fri sat n sun but i still miss them so much cuz there r there for me wen im feeling sad... they encourage me a lot n it really just breaks the barrier of sadness 2 laughter... i miss infuse camp where we are saturated....fun of playing in genting where it is cold evern cooler wen i kena splash by water during one of the games....looking forward for the next one and i bet tat it is more fun

missing love one tat is far away from home is also wat i feel....leaving spore n coming back 2 ipoh juz make me cry like mad even though is only like 8 hours away but leaving beloved sis n bro back there breaks hearts into 2but thanks god tat they wil come back 2 visit me when there got hoilday hahahahhaha *although i don really like the wayhow my sis treated me during my stay there*

tat all i think for now...how i feel n wat i think of ... lots of memiors tat i have been cherish all my whole years n it is definately worth it.... love u all muaxxx!!!

well it sound kinda emo so hmmmmmm is wat i feel la ahhahah

ppl tat i wanna tag!!!

  1. tyreal
  2. aaron
  3. wendy
  4. christine ong
  5. joan

Thursday, May 8, 2008


everything is goin well now in my life...but 2 day kinda bored the hell out of me...goin college n sitting in the room listening really sucks...i should have juz listen 2 u joy!!! im STUPID for not listening 2 u....

well yesterday outing for the mid nite movie was super fun....movie was awesome man...fern u r rite iron man does has a cute ass *laughing my head out* cant wait for our next outing...
oh ya oh ya i cant wait for infuse anniversary wei!!!! im trying 2 stay calm but i cant is juz too exciting n n n the movie PARADISE!!! our very 1st movie....syok wei!!! cant wait 2 watch the whole thing...

again being bully...haih.... im totally speechless rite now...anyway college is gonna start next week n OMG!!!! fern u r on holiday...how nice i want my holidays 2 be longer...bring back starwberry for me from cameron gal...LOVE U LOTS!!!!

im like so in love wif..... APPLES!!! hahahhah got ya u think tat i fall in love wif some one rite..hmmmmmmm well nah non.... being single still roxxxx n those hu know something pls pls pls don write stuff in mt crapping place... pls keep it as secret k... hahahhahha
not gonna expose it out blekz!!! find me mayb i wil tell u guys.. =P

oh gosh hillsongs r coming but i cant go man i wan la ish ish ish....how depressing is tat..i wanna go!!!!! well forget bout it im currently listening 2 planetshakers beautiful saviour song... love it n it really calms me down.... i juz feel sad tat all so so decided 2 listen to it... hmmmmm by juz thinking bout future really freaks me out..

mummy is goin away n leaving me alone here.... (>_<)...tat means no more shopping!!! no more like hanging aroung lepaking wif mum like we used 2 do....not fair!!! honestly speaing...i really don wan my mum 2 go 2 spore n work...but she looks happy so i juz follow la...in my heart i was like depress mum is like my fren my sister.... having mix feelins bout it n i really don know i can survive in ipoh with my dad.... i still wan mum not dad well juz face it gal life is gonna change no more sweet times juz like wat my bro said... as time goes by everything will change!!! be brave tat all i can say 2 u n pls study hard don fool around like last time...*buat muka emo*


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hi ppl i decided 2 blog on wat happen 2 day...well see the title on top...hahahhahah u guys muz be wondering wat is it about rite??? well im juz a follower 2 day cuz my fren jia xiu sms early in the morning while im still in bad n told me 2 wear PINK!!! yes merah jambu!!! well i did la class was super boring.... NO FUN AT ALL!!! tak ada besides those guys saying tat loudspeaker is back.... stupid guys....

i wore pink 2 n after class we kinda lepas early 2 day....super early wei....hahahhahah i mean it...bleks =P guys wore red n it really feels like chinese new year but in a weird way...

tat me n kah yan...yeap another gal which the name of kah yan....hahahhahaha there there is this my really close fren in college....me n her serupa n can say tat we are orang kiasu la... laughing in the toilet n corridor is our job....

after this i decided 2 kick her hahahahhahah

tyring 2 be in the movie 'FORBIDDEN KINGDOM' kononnya.....acting for fun only...den us gals decided 2 camwhore more.....

kam,bih tong n me we went sek fung for lunch 2 day.... cool rite....

some of the gals went back n left this gang...i only know how 2 syok sendiri here...lolz...see all in pink!!!! in different shade of pink only...but still pink la k...

see everyone busy taking pic n sending them through bluetooth...n me syok sendiri la...wanna take nonsense pic....guys r all gone so din take pic wif them....b4 leaving we again did the shoe thingy.... not fair cuz im not wearing shoe..... see wat i wore is so so damn obvious wei....

tersisir from the group la...well is ok im special blekz=P

oh well college is gonna start soon n n n i cant wait.....hmmmmmmm but this means...mum is gonna leave soon...i think cuz she ady plan 2 go spore 2 work n dumped me wif my dad her in ipoh....haih......

Sunday, May 4, 2008

more on my trip in spore

hi ppl im back..im back im back from singapore!!!!roar!!!! hahahahaha it has been a great time of shopping n also rest not forgetting of the food there...i got 2 eat tako from my fav stall in takashimaya...weeeeeee!!! practically wat i do there is eat shop eat n shop again...
well i did gain like 3 kg though but don care im sure i can lose it heheheheheh oh ya let me intor u guys 2 my dog in spore....

oh well this is geogie like i said in the previous post... useless dog >_<>

well this is the bear tat im talking about which does not have a nose on it...now geogie has another fren n tat is a rat...hmmmmm spoiled dog well u guys can refer 2 the pic on top...there u can see geogie's stinky rat...
anyway i super love this top so much n n n is like super expensive...

well this top i saw it in johor jj....went there for shopping stuff (my sis la) it cost RM89.90..WOW!!!! for tat top well i did not get so i decided 2 take a pic of it while i have e chance.... goin shopping wif sis really got no freedom at all cant buy this n buy tat. so my plan is not 2 go out shopping wif her...cool rite tat idea btw she is not free at all...she works in changi airport so all she think is OT OT* work over time* haih....
well i had lots of fun goin shopping wif bro...wif him i can buy lots of stuff...

not forgetting bout the word LCD...yeah u guess it rite...we even brought a new LCD tv..hahahhahah no kidding wei....we were in harvey norman n bro was like desperately wanted a new tv cuz the old 1 is kinda old...hahhahahha so bro being the super hero walked around northpoint a shopping mall near my place yishun but din walked back wif the tv la we sat a cab back instead...

being at home is super boring y not camwhore n yes i did it...

it says it all 'BOREDOM KILLS' hahahahha besides watching hk movies which i is ok for me n surfing the net.... y not i camwhore some more at home...

me in infuse tee...well i was promoting it in spore while walking around wif it...*buat muka bangga* well everyone stare at me with this weird face...well hu cares...hahhahahah im loving it...
besides tat went to bro working place in choa chu kang which is like 20 minutes journey there by mrt....n this is wat i did...

it kinda amazed me 2 see so many mirrors in bro shop n not forgetting jewelries...hahahhaha bro works as sales promoter in lee hwa company....he is making big money there......

well next im gonna talked bout our day in chinatown...well from yishun 2 chinatown takes like an hour by mrt...so my mum pandai pandai la say sked we got not enough time bla bla bla...btw bro was in johor 2 cut his hair n also at the same time go n buy dvd 2 watch....bro did told mum tat wen he call tat is only we will go out..well we went northpoint again cuz mrt station is like there from where i stay *15 minutes walked* pergi situ makan nasi padang..i shared wif mum...oh no din took a pic of it..it is famous though n its tasty... den go jalan jalan brought dvd in poh kim..den mum said lets go chinatown...n off we went... when we reach there..mum called bro....n this is wat bro said..i now only at woodlands la....who ask u all 2 go out so fast???? OMG!!!!! which mean i have 2 wait for bro for an hour in chinatown station.....

like kiasu people standing in the station....did something stupid like this

taking pic of the station den i did like sit down n started 2 be like a beggar...hahahhahah mum was like woi!!! wat r u doin la i was like smiling n said waiting for kor la den i even observed ppl those who are walking pass me...hahahhaha joked wif mum alot tat time n finally after an hour later bro arrive....but 1st thing 1st MAKAN!!!! after makan we go for this spa...hahahhahah ist was fun....see this?? guess wat it is

well it looks like leeches rite....nah u r wrong those r fishes...tiny little fishie n guess wat is is for... fish spa famous in japan...n i did enjoy it look at my face...

wanna see closer wat do they do....well those fishes they eat dead skin on your leg n at the same time for blood circulation which actually does....

not only i enjoy......my mum n also bro enjoyed it very much....hahahhahaha look at them

wat a day out b4 leaving back to ipoh....hahahhahah i actually cut the story short cuz im out of pics...hahhahahhahah i love singapore very much!!!!!!


2day after service....me n infusers went n did some scene playing ofr our anniversary which is coming like a month later.... we r having a movie our very own kokoi style...hahhahahhaha while some acting...as usual me taking pics...

well me n fern doin the ganster look which i failed terukly....hahahhahaha u guys should look at lilian...she is really hawt n man she does scares ppl away....

well at tat time justin was kinda being kokoi i mean it...a GAY one..hahahahhaha he is trying hard to get it right.... well he is always like tat....with this style....

with this he claims he is super hawt....hahahhahaha so goy la him....btw tat hair is fake hahahhahah at the mean time im like in love wif vil sern fake highlighted hair....it is really superb...*giving thumbs up for tat*

after all this....go makan at wooleys n tat is where our hang out place is beside the mamak stall *bukit merah*... 2 like relax me fern n kylie started 2 camwhore....

our signature posers.....well this is wat we always do.......

ending it wif me n fern in our shades n also our signature pose....lolz....

judee heart infusers....love u guys so so much.....