Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i got like this good news tat the virus is no longer in our college...wahahahahha super happy cant stop enjoying life in college now...but the bad things is im like the topic of the day where i kena bully teruk.... why do i always kena bully most of my time.... jezzzzz!!! geramnya u guys really get over my nerves le... well nvm i wil tahan!!! im so so gonna fight back for my life

wat happen 2 day was i nearly have this breakdown where college frens played this bad thing on me like taking my hp away n hiding it in don know who's pants...dah la my phone no more battery n it has kong out.... making my life miserable like saying oh i don know where is your phone la judee...*i was in a deep shock and started 2 like woi give back al don play pls* this is wat they said.... try n used other ppl phone n call la n see who is having it... i was like wat the crap!!! phone ady dead if i call lagi no used rite??? sure cant get through la.... begging hard there asking give me back my beloved phone....but ended up cracking my head begging hard ady... finally i wanted 2 break down ady den they all sked so they ask me 2 say 1 2 3...wat was goin on my mind was this is a trick don fall for it judee...

so i decided 2 say 3 2 1 hahahahhaha den suren was like jus say 1 2 3 your phone will pop up...haih...so i gave up n say 1 2 3.... n guess wat phone is out!!! super happy la...pls la phone is like my life k... NO PHONE NO LIFE!!!! besides tat NO MUSIC NO LIFE yea hahahhahah tat is me...where ever i go i sure got my ipod wif me cuz while i walk i sure listen 2 music... this is me!!! judee!!! *buat muka bangga*

oh yea now im like super dead meat cuz now lec was like pls judee don sms in class...i was like oh no im doom!!! *screaming my heads off ady* so now from 2 moro onwards i cannot sms ady...sobz sobz finally kena tangkap red handed le...swtz how i wish tat i got powers where i can make e lec blind hahahhaha so he cannot see me wat am i doin... man man no more sms in class really make me bored....juz one simple word bored!!! anyway is ok la getting bully in class isnt tat bored but i don like it la

now i got 4 assignments 2 do n n n in juz like 1 month plus...jezzzzzzz time really goes very fast....like a burning candle tat melts fast... haih!!!! cepatnya saya tak ma.... goin for a holiday soon weeeee but is like during july hahahahha still got time...

i know is lame but im so not lame k get the pics!!!



btw it is cute

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