Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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missing is wat i feel now

it has been so long i did not go out wif my skul frens...all r like going their own way n so do i...missing them is wat i feel now...i hope tat time just stop when i was still in skul...where me n frens used 2 go out of skulling compond 2 lepak around...seems tat tuition starts in the evening... we sometimes skip coco activities just 2 go parade

besides tat celebrating birthdays of fren in skul really bring lots of memories...seeing them blow candles from their cake really make me feel tat playing with cream is not tat bored after all...hahahahha

missing those time where i am still in church of praise n being one of the cutting edge youth member playing icebreaking with them enjoying sunday service with the cekap gang *u know hu am i refering to* really juz kinda shoot me like a spear tat has pierce into my heart.... loving them is my passion

infusers is like my 2nd family even though i see them every fri sat n sun but i still miss them so much cuz there r there for me wen im feeling sad... they encourage me a lot n it really just breaks the barrier of sadness 2 laughter... i miss infuse camp where we are of playing in genting where it is cold evern cooler wen i kena splash by water during one of the games....looking forward for the next one and i bet tat it is more fun

missing love one tat is far away from home is also wat i feel....leaving spore n coming back 2 ipoh juz make me cry like mad even though is only like 8 hours away but leaving beloved sis n bro back there breaks hearts into 2but thanks god tat they wil come back 2 visit me when there got hoilday hahahahhaha *although i don really like the wayhow my sis treated me during my stay there*

tat all i think for i feel n wat i think of ... lots of memiors tat i have been cherish all my whole years n it is definately worth it.... love u all muaxxx!!!

well it sound kinda emo so hmmmmmm is wat i feel la ahhahah

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