Tuesday, May 20, 2008

wat a day

oh well before i start 2 emo again...class was ok only but everyone was like super happy cuz tat virus is not in class 2 day yeah!!! no air pollution hari ini.1st class was like from 10 till 11.30 tat means we came out early compare to the rest... business finish at 12 noon so me and the rest are like waiting for them 2 eat lunch together..gosh i was like having gastric pain at tat moment cuz i was really like super hungry *desperate for food ady cannot tahan* while at the stairs i called weng kin cuz i was like super bored at tat time den my fren was like messing my hair,pinching my cheecks doin lots of stuff but i was like WOI!!! after the called....this is wat i decided 2 do just 2 kill the boredom in me...i beg for nothing....

after tat i decided 2 act even more worst

well all this is just for posing...lol u think is real

oh yea yee cheong is a NOOB n im not BOON!!!!


something happen 2 day after class where i had this thing *don really wanna write bout hu* but for those who know well yea u guys guess it right...hmmmmmm i was nearly 2 tears at tat moment in my life...but wat i was thinking was holding back the tears cuz i don really wanna cry in college

i don really know y this happen 2 me but i really hope all this stops...it keeps on happening again n again...i wanted 2 communicate wif him but i cant...all he says is y r u so stupid 1!!! like u r so smart...wat i said 2 u was wat the lec said is just tat u don wanna listen 2 wat i said..is it wat u want n tat it..i really wanna leave home now but i cant cuz u r the 1 tat is holding me back here

i juz wanna say thank you for tat cuz u r like a wall tat i juz cant break it down no matter wat i try.... even if u enjoy your life wif frens happily like wat u always do i don give a shit for it... cuz in your mind u only put them 1st compare 2 us... im so gonna stop now cuz i don wanna continue typing bout it..it juz hurt me alot for the past 2 weeks

oh yea i wanna wish mum happy belated birthday here cuz yesterday i went out lepak wif my frens so i did not blog..if i have one of your wish mum i just wish tat u did not go spore cuz if u go i really do not know who 2 speak 2 if u r not here.... life would be different here and everything will not be the same anymore... im happy for u tat u can go n work again but at the same time i don like it if u r not here wif me mummy i don wan u 2 go

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