Monday, June 30, 2008

yo yo wanna know something.... suren change his hairstyle man.... he looks better last time it looks like a mop *oops pls don kil me when im back* hahahahhaha

well tat is his new hairstyle.... so so so im like super happy cuz there i saw a rainbow...i kinda think tat it did not rain but y is there a rainbow????

weird rite??? but is beautiful!!!! =)

im goin!!!! BOONMO is goin laos 2 nite

bye bye ppl i wil blog on when im back


im sure to miss u guys especially infusers!!!! i wil miss u guys!!!!! =P


well u guys nust be wondering y i did not blog bout my week... well modem spoild and it destroy my time of doin my assignments... making me did not sad???? but the best thing was i went shopping the whole time... lol i did said b4 tat i hate shopping but now seems mummy is back judee is in her good mood again.... well yesterday went church for 1st service and next back home den go out wif family for breakfast... i din eat cuz i ate wif church members ady.... so i drank something *don even know wat u called it* haahahhahah so so so the greatest news was.... i drove 2 greentown and parade... =) see see see i finally drove out of canning garden area.... weeeeeeee!!!! anyway went makan sushi with mummy and at the same time thinking wat was not in the 1st aid kit for my assignments seems tat mua modem dislike me til it did like tat to me.... anyway after makan so we went to the camera shop and yeah!!!!


oh well sorry cuz pic kinda blurr... =] im so so happy cuz i got a very new fren... but infusers are still my true frens... i had lots of fun yesterday till i din think bout my assignments at all.... oh well happiness is better den sadness... agree????? now i only agree... no matter how much u hate your life now.... it is still a good thing cuz there are lots more ppl around u who care for u.... well i think i know wat im doin now... FOR SURE!!!! i also brought 2 new tops... lol in hang ten.... is it cheap i think... haahahah got discount for both...

this was ferns art work while we were in 1st service.... lol

using my phone and my necklace tat bc zai gave me..... nice rite..... i still heart fern!!!!

fernie my best best fren beside my new one... hahahhahaha love ya muaxxie!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008



hope tat u enjoy your day in GENTING!!!

bye bye to those who are leaving ipoh (T0T)

love u guys so much!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

yummy and fun week

today woke up super early juz 2 go college and at the same time follow miss 2 cold storage 2 get ingredients for our practical...we are gonna do lasagne...weeeeeeee =) hahahaha wat do u aspect me judee in cold storage... well truth is revealed.... the 1st thing she did was her hair where there is the mirror...

and next she is gonna take lots of pics with her frens....oh yea there were me, bih tong *skip bm class* and fiona... after doin my hair i did the patricia signature pose...hahahahha u see patricia u miss everything... sleep late la sleep late la den wake up late......

not only tat.... miss was busy but we were juz small kid in supermarket... should have seen her face when she was getting the ingredients.... so why not have fun and promote stuff for cold storage????

i know i know wat u guys are thinking... sure cold storage no business...hahahahha no la sure got 1.... oh yea i was playing with the troley the whole time =) so we paid at the counter... and need more ingredients... so next stop... WAH SENG!!!!! *i think tat is how u spell the shop name =X* brought some left over ingredients in the list and tata off we went back 2 college... reach there saw seniors i was like no!!!!!! sure kena bully >_< lol =")">

makan break at a nearby shop and back 2 college... wait i was reading miss daughter's spongebob squarepants it is really stupid la.... get ready and is time 2 masak-masak!!!! 1st of all the menu.... if u wanna try this at home u are welcome....

1st of all, we boiled water 2 cook the pasta sheets.... miss did tat for us... so tada cooked pasta sheets....

so next is my job 2 stirr-fry the onion,mutton meat, button mushroom, the tomato puree 2 make it into lamb bolognaise....wakakakakakka watch me in action i was super concentrated on wat im doin...

and the outcome.... good nice looking bolognaise made by mua *buat muka bangga* i can cook okay!!!!

oh well suren, fiona and bih tong did the bachamel sauce... which looks like tat..

so next was layering of our lasagne..... miss demonstating how 2 do it.... we were listening except fiona and suren.... they were having onion chopping competition...

lol guess who won???? no one >_<>

while they were in the oven....

this is how i spend my time waiting for food..... well i took lots of pics of me and my gang.... we are one bunch of silly ppl.... the pics says it all... hahahaaahha

miss suren is fighting with meke in kitchen when u were attending the staff thingy..... >_<>

so after tat me and bih tong walked out of the kitchen 2 go toilet 2 washed our hands.... we bumped into the IT ppl and this is wat there were doing... carlson and felix doin a scene from don know wat drama.... haih... i think is a sad story cuz look at their pose...

so off me and bih tong running back to our kitchen to see our lasagne... here it is.... delicious wei!!!! *thumbs up*

i know u guys are feeling hungry let me show u how was it 2 eat lasagne.... this is it hahahahha oh yea we ended up too discussing wat are we gonna name our restaurant... "BIKINI BOTTOM" lol =D

bwahahahahha!!!! *evil grins* i know u cant taste it well wait la mayb i will cook for u guys my infusers 2 eat..... we ate finish everything and here is the mess...

end of cooking class and i meet up my mum at greentown... had lots of fun and hey i was super tired so went back tidur and off i went for youth friday....

boonmo is happy now (^_^)

but her tummy still hurts

it is really coming back to haunt me la (>_<)

blah assignment week is like next next week!!!

im doom im doom

have 2 finish it by this week >_<

pass is haunting me again.....

oh yea laos here i come!!!! (^_^)

boonmo is goin on a holiday for 1 week


cant wait i know wat to do ppl

souviners rite??? well let me think

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


hi there ppl... well 2 day was cocktail presentation and man..... i was super nervous.... woke up early like 8 something....get ready and everything well suppose 2 meet up with my gang at 9.30 am...welll hahahahhaha im the late 1 cuz i need 2 get ready so many stuff...not like them k...only bring salt and chalk *nick* and beach ball *bih tong* hahahahahha i have 2 bring fresh flowers and fruits den marbles.... ish ish ish went to college like 10 minutes to 10... blekz =P i know is super late so wat i got good reasons.. hahahaha wnet for english and hospitallity class for only 1 hour cuz we still haven prepared wat are we suppose to do.... lol after class we all went to mock-up room and did wat were we suppose to do... well i did the decoration as fast as i could.... this was how it looks like before the presentation starts....

my group deco.... haven finish if u off the lights it looks like tat...

suren's group

fiona's group

kevin's group

oh this was before lunch.... we and my frens went to the vegetarian shop again... is a deal tat we eat vegetarian food every tuesday hahahahaha is healthy ok besides tat i always waste food there.... hahahaahah after lunch we went searching for stirrer in this cake shop oh man i was busy smsing so all i know tat i was walking aimlessly * juz a follower* hahahahha finally went back college headed to mock up room and did our stuffs... after deco halfway i decided 2 practice bottle throwing with bih tong...and something happen i cut myself while cathing the bottle.... my lips somemore...AIYOH!!!! pain giler wei...den is red and bengkak arg!!!!! so i don wanna practise and went polish the glassware tat we will used which is the cocktail glass... deco myself too with fiona's plants.....

i look STUPID!!!!!! but the glassware is shiny thank to who???? me la *buat muka syoik* so so after cutting wat we need and after finish decoring...oh yea i did last minute drawing ant is looks like kindergarden drawing...hahahahhaha serious is does look like is up to change baju... seem our theme is base on beach hawaii theme.... well this is how we dress.. retro beach style

tat is bih tong she suppose to wear the black shirt!!! well nvm is ok is black though hahahahha.... cool rite beach gals... oh nick is in mock up room so tak jadi tangkap group pic.... den went back to mock up room well we suppose to put on the cop cuz we are the performances ppl so is free well the HND ppl *our seniors* was fighting cuz they wanna put the cop on me....LAME!!! aiyoh juz cop la hahahaha in the end chee leong the banana cop for me.... there are lots of ppl man...

the seniors all standing behind like penjaga pintu... >_< takutnya saya....well it was rooneys group who went and perform...hahahahha din get to take e pics well later 1st la...all the pics were at miss camera so i will grab and post here rooney is the big tweety bird yellow in colour while fiona, patricia and christina were the trees...hahahhahah after rooneys was suren's group they did some indian dance and next it was my group!!!! butterflies in my stomach...went out there like org kiasu... lol well i did wat i was suppose to do and yes i din drop any of the wine bottle...weeeeee!!!!!!! *buat muka happy sangat* but for sure my hands were shaking when i was serving the judges...arg!!!!!! next was the last group kevin groups...they did the football style and they won so so so blekz =P after tat 10 minutes break so i went and took pics of the ready cocktail on the deco......

hahahaha finally group, bih tong and nick...

haih...nick tidur la apa macam ni????? well moving on my last minute drawing down there.... =)

deep ocean is my cocktail name and tat tag i did it all by myself.... im so creative rite??? *self pujuk* *blink* *blink* hahahahhaha den i curi tangkap gamber rooney the tweety bird....

tat is the bird outfit im talking about weng kin!!!! well is kinda not looking rite.... cuz is not place at his hands u wan flap with it ho ho ho..... i look horrible in it ok hahahahhaha next is fioan's group pics... they wore guni

they were trees and rooney is the bird.... lol how cute.... so i got the mood to take some pics eventhough my lips kena cut... i still got semangat

and next is my frens from different courses...the secretary course....

tat is shirley..... she is the senior for the secretory course

jia xiu and me but pics a bit blurr.... not i take k hahahahhaha

regina and me well i was not holding my cam k..... hahahahhah still blurr well nvm..... den is me and rooney the big bird

abd ending with me, bih tong and nicks beach pants...wat a match....

oh yea something happen to the end of our presentation...well those outsider tat came t watch our cocktail presentation.... they kinda took our vodkha bottle and they finish is still new and now they have 2 pay back us the hotel students i mean 2 miss la 60 bucks.... i was the one who complain 2 miss and when we were there they finish it all... well it was still full and tat bottle can last for 4 sems... man miss was really pissed of wat happen...oh well those indians i know them 2 but i don talk 2 them much cuz they are fake ppl who juz want popularity.... seriosly they sucks.... so i don wish to know them even they know me....

currently drinking slurpee in front of com while typing this..... hahahaah i know im sick so pls don kil me..... i wanna drink la... cant wait for 2 moro 2 fetrch mummy from the bus station...weeeee!!!!!!! mummy is coming back...

boonmo is happy

weng kin taufu!!!! =P

im no longer grounded....=) im free im free...but not for long i think....hahahahhaha so weng kin don feel sorry cuz u make me kena grounded is the past.... =] *smiles*