Monday, June 16, 2008

2 day it was kinda a very tiring day for as usual slept at 3 something in the morning due to assignments...oh no time is running out!!!! i must work harder compare to the past few days..... *grins* *grins* only left like less then 2 weeks and im like struggling everytime doin this crap.... hmmmmmm i cant believe rooney finish everything wei.... *blink* *blink* wow how i wish i have his i no need to do anything...answers falling from the sky just like that...hahahahaha

24 of june is my cocktail presentation.....oh is next week!!!! nervous nervous.... butterfly in my stomach man.... haih.... but i have my own recipe ady.... not sure is nice so 2 moro is our testing day....hmmmmm i wonder will my cocktail come out purpleish pink???? i wonder???? hope so it will....cuz i juz simply mix this and tat...fingers cross!!!!

oh yea if anyone wanna come for this cocktail presentatin is rm5 per person and it is held in my college.... olympia college ipoh near mgs will be fun cuz im jezzzzzzzz stop saying bout gives me panicness wei hahahahaa i know there are such word in the dictionary oh well is my blog i can write wat i want blekz =P

oh well im back 2 assignments...tata ppl love u guys muaxxxx!!!!!

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