Thursday, June 19, 2008

hi there ppl !!!! well cocktail presentation is juz round the corner and guess what... nick broke a wine bottle 2 day.... hahhahahah we were practicing for the presentation well it is hard wei to catch and do somthing special with the wine bottle... i am still practicing by the way im sked to throw the bottle after seeing many wine bottles being broken by us....

i am still sick...yes my disease is back oh well u can call me weak or watever... what do u aspect if u r rushing to finish the assignments in time... now my routine is go college, come back rest and off i go doin my assignments till late at nite i mean morning... this is how i ended up being sick. wait eating at the wrong time to leads me to my disease... i do not have gastric pains but dad keep on assuming that i have... I DON HAVE GASTRIC PAINS!!!! *buat muka marah*

patricia saw something in college and it follow her... errrrrrrr i don think is a good topic in my blog.. well to tell honestly i think i saw something on my own while i was in college... as im sick now i don know is it me or due to my sleepness nights, while i was walking with my fren bih tong goin up to the computer lab.... i saw something like there is someone hanging but the figure only shows a head a very ugly 1.... it was a bad feeling for me but bih tong din know wat i was looking but she started laughing because she thinks tat i don wanna look at drunken kailash walking on the opposite side... eventually i delete wat was in my brain *i was telling myself is ok nothing 1* so i juz continue to walk.... well i can say wat i saw la it looks like a kids head... errrrrrrr goosebump well i don think i wanna continue bout tat...

well lets change channel... weeeeeeeee *happy happy =)* judee and her group created a new cocktail drink well it was actually judee's idea on wat to mix.... hahahahaha *bangganess* it is called blue ocean... is so so obvious y is it called blue ocean well cuz it is BLUE!!! i tot it will turn out purplish pink but nope.... haih nvm still can drink and it taste good *thumb ups*

if u wanna try den come to my cocktail presentation this coming

cya there!!!!!!!!!

sick boonmo =(
still missing mummy badly =(

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