Sunday, June 8, 2008


infuse is finally 1...weeeeeee!!! have a blast yesterday n yes i did drove 2 church errrrr besides failing in parking...oh well weng kin helped me if not im doom!!! yea tat right DOOM!!! hahahahha went there super early for nothing no la im ushering...but i din really do wat im suppose 2 do la...wait i think i did by making a fool of myself...don know why yesterday very hard 2 do ushering le...oh well when our party started.... no.46 was filled with lots of ppl

yeap tat rite wif lots of ppl...anyway marx was the mc for the night....we started off with the dance performance which infusers have practice their butts off for yesterday and yes it paid off

oh well pics r not tat clear so sorry la...they are moving...then next was infuse news..this time different than the normal infuse news cuz infuse is doing bollywood style....hahhahahah for those who din come im so so sorry u miss it...up next was winson trying 2 bodek ppl with this question "guess how old am i den this rm 5 is yours" errr i know u guys are speechless....well ended 2 person got correct n the money back to winson's pocket.... next was infuse movie called 'paradise' love is so so much man it makes all those who came *don really remember their names at all* laugh non stop wei....

after tat was ps rudy our guess speaker all the way from klang kl came 2 preech about the word of god...well he does look like ps elijah when he preeches with all the funny example really make all laugh till their stomach got hurt...

the moment all ppl have been waiting for is food..bbq weeee!!! i did not took any pics of ppl bbq ing cuz i was busy eating...hahahhahah i din do anything besides saying this "wei i want bbq for me can ar???? *with smiles on mua face* " and yes they did...weeeee!!! after tat decided 2 camwhore after eating puas puas...

yee cheong being stingy cuz he don wanna share his portion 2 other ppl....hahahhahaha really kokoi la and the rest r like hmmmmm busy don know doin wat...errr u guys might not wanna know wat is goin on even me 2

and here let me intro all to this guy proclaim himself as leng zai...kenneth...he is deperate for leng lui now so so if anyone interested in him tel me n i wil give his num 2 u...if not pls don even think bout it cuz 2 tell u this he dress like a lala hahahahha oh i really hope he don know i got a blog.

oh well next is my turn 2 camwhore...i bet by tat time i my phone the lens gonna crack ady...hahhahahahha but it did not cuz phone loves me so much blekz =P

tat fern,priya and me at the door....

me and fern my primary fren love her muaxxxx!!!

me and ivy love her too..oh mind tat gal behind.... she kinda destroy our pic wif her drama face there...hahahhahah oh well i know she wont kill me cuz if she does i wont fetch her back next time...bwahahahha *evil grins*

chin yau now only can eat but is nice cuz im the clap hands for me pls ppl.... *buat muka bangga*... don u fell the food on his plate tempting???? ok so as ppl starts 2 leave we are all free...hahahhah can hang around like this

see how relax.... yes n next was group pics...weeeeee!!!! love it so much...

and after tat took pics wif the the rest like...

me and lala zai

joel s. and me * i look weird*

us..... joel fern and me

charles n me he has gone back 2 kl ady sure gonna miss him cuz all the time i have been putting sweet wrapper into his pocket..hahahhaah mean me

the kokoi's of infuse!!!! love them so much

oh while the rest are like cleaning up...y not skip tat and go n0.46 2 take more pics...hahahahha now is me n vilsern laming around while the rest r busy cleaning..

not forgetting justin!!!

and there is joy after being tired of cleaning up....

hahahahhah i know im a cute boonmo.... after tat drove sharon back she ar sit behind wo think tat i wat ar sharon your driver ar???? hahahahah reach home like 12 something...well but slept late... i enjoyed so much on anni nite....

oh yea happy birthday weng kin aka chua taufu!!!!

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