Tuesday, June 17, 2008


oh well today the secretary ppl have this sale of puree and henna drawing on hand...oh well i was late to college today it was my 2nd time... yo i know wat r u guys thinking well i got something to do la b4 tat so i have valid reasons... anyway all of my frens plan to makan in this vegetarian shop every tuesday so so so yea we ate there...after makan went back college and here goes my idea of spending my precious time beside hanging around in college.... i and nick went and did the henna drawing thingy on our hand... hahahhahah we did it and it lokks like tat...

this is mine while this is nick's one

our's design...nicks is a bird well mine???? hmmmm flowers??? i think hahahhaha

and after waiting for half an hour for it to dry.... the outcome is like this...


nick's hahahahah tat all

well this is wat i call smart ppl for wasting time on all this... oh well im currently sick super sick don know la how 2 describe... my face shows it all man man man i don wanna get sick!!!!

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