Monday, June 30, 2008


well u guys nust be wondering y i did not blog bout my week... well modem spoild and it destroy my time of doin my assignments... making me did not sad???? but the best thing was i went shopping the whole time... lol i did said b4 tat i hate shopping but now seems mummy is back judee is in her good mood again.... well yesterday went church for 1st service and next back home den go out wif family for breakfast... i din eat cuz i ate wif church members ady.... so i drank something *don even know wat u called it* haahahhahah so so so the greatest news was.... i drove 2 greentown and parade... =) see see see i finally drove out of canning garden area.... weeeeeeee!!!! anyway went makan sushi with mummy and at the same time thinking wat was not in the 1st aid kit for my assignments seems tat mua modem dislike me til it did like tat to me.... anyway after makan so we went to the camera shop and yeah!!!!


oh well sorry cuz pic kinda blurr... =] im so so happy cuz i got a very new fren... but infusers are still my true frens... i had lots of fun yesterday till i din think bout my assignments at all.... oh well happiness is better den sadness... agree????? now i only agree... no matter how much u hate your life now.... it is still a good thing cuz there are lots more ppl around u who care for u.... well i think i know wat im doin now... FOR SURE!!!! i also brought 2 new tops... lol in hang ten.... is it cheap i think... haahahah got discount for both...

this was ferns art work while we were in 1st service.... lol

using my phone and my necklace tat bc zai gave me..... nice rite..... i still heart fern!!!!

fernie my best best fren beside my new one... hahahhahaha love ya muaxxie!!!!

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