Friday, June 6, 2008



oh well suppose 2 wake up early like 7 something when drunken kailash came 2 gals room n call us up...oh well u know us gals we don care n continue sleeping till 8 something til we heard the guys talking so loud in the living room.... with blurr look i look outside n there i see all the guys all get ready 2 leave...hahahahha i was like still sleepy n i really wanna sleep..but i have no choice 2 wake tat day was super bad cuz tak ada air untuk mandi!!!! miss nurainie help us by boiling water..oh well she slept late n have 2 wake up early 2 do all this for us by the way she is driving 2.... haih

after bathing like mandi kerbau... we went 2 this temple near our apartment...oh yea we even ate hard boiled eggs prepared by our miss...honestly tat was not our breakfast it was juz snacks 2 give us energy....temple was errrrrr nothing 2 say cuz i was not in to it.... but there got lots of small stalls where i brought some dried is cheap k... 7 packets for 10 bucks!!!! on our way down i did took a pic...

tat patricia n nick....oh well bih tong n fiona r at the back.... we finally reach back apartment n packed some of our stuff b4 saying goodbye 2 our place...we kinda left it messy especially me n bih tong we did not fold the matress nicely...hahahahah drove 2 this stall makan wanton mee...oh 2 tell honestly it is tasteless=not nice at all... is all rooney's fault!!!!

next we went 2 the strawberry park nearby.... oh well had a blast n bih tong shared 2 go inside 2 pluck our own strawberries....oh well nick n rooney shared while kay paid all by himself...owhhhhhhh pity him but at least he has his experience of plucking his own strawberries...

this is kay n his own plucked strawberries... it was hard 2 find nice 1 cuz we were going up n up the hill 2 get some nice n big 1oh well y not take some pics of myself the way is my 1st time plucking strawberries...most of my time i buy ready packed in boxes..

oh well i was not holding the box but my fren bih tong was....finally was my turn *buat muka happy sangat jek*

oh yea miss's daughter also help us in plucking strawberries...oh well im kinda a boon in all this...YESS!!! BOON cuz i don know which is nice n which is not nice le..i don have tat talent 2 see which is riped n which r not.... bih tong enjoyed her experience of plucking too

oh well in sweat n good walking down hill....we finally reach the counter where we have 2 weight our strawberries...hey is cheap le only 22 buckz....WOW!!! is definately a worth it...tired so i decided 2 buy this strawberry it was awesome n nice....ate in kays car all the way 2 this market where they went doen 2 but corn n other veggies... as for me i was in car wif patricia bluetoothing pics wakaakkakaka...y not a last pic in kay's car b4 reaching ipoh...

look at mua tired look haih.....speechless...>_<. all the way downhill i was sleepy n i did slept for a while till i kinda lose my control where kay was driving fast man man so i ended up did not really sleep...well i said drift but weng kin say is i know tat proton cars cannot drift..ish ish ish... reach college like 2 something say bye 2 k n waited for dad for 1 hour in college..jezzzzzzzz hungry n tired finally dad came...went makan lunch wif him den off back home unpacked n zzzzzz sleep til 9 something...hahahhahah really tired

oh well sem break is gonna end n tat means anni is coming...weeeeee!!!!!! cant wait for 2 nite where infuse is gonna be 1....

tat all folks enjoy my post n im sure gonna update on wat happen in anni...

boonmo miss mummy n she really wants her 2 come back!!!!

(-__-) = emo

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