Wednesday, July 30, 2008

lol im happy cuz i got no class 2 day as my lectural is on mc..... hahahahaha so now i think i shall do nothing and wait for 2 nite


mindy is leaving ady =( no!!!!!!!!!!!

oh well it wont be long so i'll wait for u to come back

gonna study soon



  1. the rules of the game get posted at the begining
  2. each player answers the questions about themselve
  3. at the end of the game the player den tagged 5 people and post their names, then go to their blogs and leave a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them 2 play and read your blog.

starting time: 12.55 pm

name: khor ju dee

sister: in spore

brother: in spore too

shoe size: 7

height: 160cm

where do u live: canning garden

favourite drinks: water and juices

favourite breakfast: hmmmmmm any thing that i get for breakfast????

have u ever been on the plane: yes =)

swam in the ocean: errrrr is beaches consider part of it??? hahahahahah

fallen asleep in school: many times and i love doin it

broken someones heart: errrrrr i don know wo if yes im sorry

fell of your chair: nopie!!!

sat by the phone and waited for someone to call: nah i don think so now got handphone ma can bring everywhere u want... no need to wait =D

what is your room like: hmmm full with stuffs and now i think it looks like a present with the strip painted walls

what's right beside u: nothing????

what is the last thing u ate: nuts from a big packet!!!! din finish it la

ever had:

chicken pox: nope i had this injection to prevent me from getting it

sore throat: duh!!!!!

stitches: no way!!!!!

broken nose: y this question.... obviously not!!!!

do you:

believe in love at first sight: sometimes but now i don think so

like picnics: yes =) but never experience it b4

who was, the last person

you dance with: no one

last made u smile: jehtro as he is lamestbabisnog, eric, william and fiona

you last yelled at: oh well this i think is rooney the person now i dislike in college =X

today did u:

talked to someone u love: well is my frens consider in it?????

kiss anyone: nope

get sick: gastric is haunting me again =(

talk to an ex: hu is my ex la????

miss someone: oh yea i do miss someone

eat: instant noodle with i cook

best feeling in the world: i don think i will have a best feeling

do you sleep with stuffed animals: now no more ady all in store room

what's under your bed: boogeyman hahahaha joking only =)

who do u really hate: god said loves your neighbour

what time is it now: 1.14 pm

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:

1. going to school

2. watching tv most of my time

3. waking up late

4. talked non stop

5. playing with my animals that i rare....

5 things on my to-do list today

1. lazying around as i got no class today

2. breathe

3. prepared for my finals

4. waiting for 2 nite to watch movie again with justin and kelvin

5. cant wait for brother to come back

5 snacks i enjoy:

1. mamee monster

2. sweets

3. non

4. nill

5. no more

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire:

1. help the poor

2. travel with my mummy

3. spend it on shoes

4. get a new car

5. don know ady le

5 of my bad habits:

1. i complain a lot

2. im a shoe addict

3. lazy

4. get hurt easily

5. i don listen sometimes

5 places i have lived in:

1. canning garden

2. singapore

3. hong kong - travelled

4. shanghai - travelled

5. laos - travelled

5 people im tagging is:

who ever wanna do this u may do.....i lazy 2 tagged la hahahahha

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hmmmmmm let start off with i had a very wonderful day..... oh well yesterday as usual woke up early.... lazying around eh wait no... i was doin my notes for my finals... hahahhahahha so went college after college went back home and i rest for a while... not to say this that my tummy was super hungry so i decided to grab like biscuits 2 eat to fill in my growling tummy.... hahahhaha im saving it for the best....=)

after that i bath and get ready cuz kelvin is gonna fetch me for mindy's farewell dinner... hmmmmmm im so so gonna miss mindy and if u read my blog i wil wait for u to come back on december and cant wait for my jellybeans hahahahaha =D went to perak shooting club for dinner... wow we ate steamboat and we din know there are some more till i look behind and say... hmmmmmm y behind got food la???? no one sitting on thet table also???? i ask kelvin and he said it was ours..... i was like wat!!!!! we are all full ady =( lol and joel, kelvin and matt decided 2 play with the stove cuz they wanna try something new i think... oh well when they wanna on it .... it cant be on.... lol den i said this i think i know le cuz this mini stove is wat i used for my flambeing thingy... went there sat on kelvin chair *he went toilet i guess* on the stove and wala!!!! FIRE!!! hahahahahah *im smart XD*

after makan all we decided 2 go for a yum cha session in persanjung in greentown... lol is actually a kopitiam and is my 1st time there.... i always hear ppl said there very cekap and in did it was.... i had a cold chocolate drink there... while there we all played mafia.... wow is was great and we laugh till our tummy got hurt.... here are some photo from the kopitaim shop...

while we were playing mafia we actuallt prank evelyn when she went to the toilet.... hahahahah we all know that she was the mafia cuz we all pakat and u guys should see how she was defending herself... lol had lots of fun and by the time i reach home was like 12 something in the morning.... tired tired tired... eyes are pain like mad i don know wat is goin on with my eyes.... =( i don wanna get eye infection.... sob sob sob CHOI!!!! I WONT GET TAT!!!!!! tat all i think im gonna put more eyemo tata
mindy im so so gonna miss u!!!!
cant wait for u to come back during december
love ya lot!!!!! =)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

road trip to sitiawan

on saturday me and some of the infusers went to setiawan.... ok this road trip consists of me, tiffany, joel, marx, mindy, joshua, kelvin and matt. is not just ordinary road trip... they said is to motivate some youth in some other areas so our stop was sitiawan.... woke up early and kelvin fetch me to church... hahaha reach there i ate wanton mee at the corner shop with marx and joel... after makan is time to packed things into the van and off we go.... but wait went and fetch joshua in his house... on our way we saw this proton persona and it was like wat mindy is driving now... so they all joke by saying "eh mindy wat happen to your car la... u let jo drive is it???" for your info jo is mindy and tiffany's brother.. we all laugh and after fetching joshua went we came out we saw the same toll truck with the car again.... =D

on our way there we did some camwhoring in the van.....

me and tiffany cant stop camwhoring and joel kinda pop in every single pic with different pose....

should i consider marx emoing or wat????? =X he seem to be but i don know la... ok while i was smsing in the van fern took my cam and took pictures....
finally we reach sitiawan but the church got some function... so we went to don know whos house to rest for a while.... we watch disney channel and it was showing the wild.... i watch halfway and i was sleeping on the floor. =) im tired!!!!!! den i woke up and kelvin said morning to me.... still sleepy????? he asked i said YES!!!!! so we went and eat lunch at this restaurant.... this is my 1st time eating you jar gui *some food i don know how 2 spell la* salad... lol it was nice.... and the food was awesome.... they ordered extra fried bihun..... kelvin ate most of it... lol

went to church.... den set up all and my job is to do the lcd stuff.... lol =) they practice.... i was doin nothing... went and pray and here it comes.... 1st we have games... we played the chair game..... oh well it was fun and next was praise and worship.... kelvin was leading and fern was backup singing.... she was nervous at 1st but later on.... she was great.... den it was the word of God... matt was preaching.... here are some pics

after the word was group pic..... well the youths there is actually not this small.. is because the have replacement class for the hari raya holidays... so they were not there... how sad but is ok....=D

hahahahahha and this is another sharon but not sharon the drama queen... she is better den her and she has a sister name carol.... she don wanna take pics with us.. oh well nvm....

missing her ady and next time im sure to go sitiawan again.... hahahahhahha packed up stuff and put it back in the van.... said our last goodbye to them... and off we went.... it was raining and well camwhoring again in the van.... oh yea we say this shop called taffany which means tak funny in malay.... hahahhaha fern was hey that shop cetak rompak my name!!!! lol

super tired look... but the day has not ended yet.... i was suppose to go for a movie.... at 6.15 is because we left late from that church i have to watch batman late!!!!!!! gah!!!! reach like 7 something... 1 hour late for movie oh well nvm =) oh wait while i was in the van... i wanted to sleep... i did it but i was waken up by the rest.... guess how????? ok here it goes... they shouted my name out loud!!!! at my ears...... =(

i don know wat was the movie talking about but all i was thinking im hungry.... gastric is back..... tired.... and sleepy!!!!!! lol after movie me, winson, joy, kylie, yee cheong, weng kin. marcus and aaron went mcd and makan!!!! lol i was laughing non stop all thanks to yee cheong... kokoi!!!!!!!! but i enjoyed my time


woke up early for service and due to my eye pain i don wanna drive... so i asked weng kin and guess what i think he did not wake up cuz his phone gone crazy... so i drove to church and i was closing one eye.... =X pain la my eye..... i was there 1 hour late... hahahaha and i played with aaron phone.... the sonic game was fun... and and i finally ahve the bible thingy in my phone.... =) makan breakfast with the rest and than went for 2nd service for worship as winson was the worship leader replacing ashley.... i miss ashley ady!!!!! so long din see her..... after that went lilian house to lepak.... yee cheong drove my car there as he said his car no petrol.... sadnya.... but b4 that he drove me back home cuz my eyes was really pain so i took off the lens but no difference le... still pain...

was in lilian house for like 2 hours i guess???? don know la den went back to church cuz yee cheong's car was there and den im off back home.... i wanted to eat but im tired due to temptation.... i decided to eat!!!! den i slept and now im here blogging... hahahahhahah my life is so relax now!!!! =)

Friday, July 25, 2008


finally the day of our group practical food studies is on.... went college super early and im super sleepy.... gah!!! did this the whole nite but is nice... our welcome to bikini bottom cafe...

all my hard work pays it off.... =) den me did the menu cover.... we took out miss cover and put our blue cloth.... lol last minute work but still it look nice.... we were all rushing to prepared stuff and worst comes worst our fish stock was missing.... so we got no choice 2 ask kailash to buy them.... in the end guess wat he brought back... ikan bilis the fish itself instead of the stock.... gosh!!!! everyone khailan!!!!!! wat did u buy.... i don know he is plain dumb or wat it seems that english he don und... tamil language also don und... talk with him alienated language ar?????? he really pissed everyone out and the pasta was gone so in the end meka have to rush with bih tong's bike 2 buy the pasta and fish stalk.... finally he came back with the right ingredients and phew!!!!! the lectural who came to eat was late.....

1st was appetizer=scallop with cheese, 2nd was soup=clam chowder, 3rd= kiwi sorbet, 4th=main course pasta with hot pesto sauce, 5th was salad=mix beans salad with calamari and finally was dessert=crepe suzzete with strawberries... that will be my job... hahahhaha guests enjoyed their meal... and when it was my turn... i was nervous but the crepe that i prepared was awesome cuz me and bih tong included suren and kasturi curi makan in the kitchen.... hahahahhaha

the layout of my dessert part...

oh wait here are the guests... mr lok, mrs ngew * i don think i know how 2 pronounce her name* mrs dayang and ms chan.... lol

after miss show me how 2 do the steps in doing the flambeing... it was my turn to perform..... let the pics do the talking =D

weeeeeeee!!!!!!!! i manage to do flambeing in front of the guest.... i din know i got that talent *blink* *blink* hahahahhaha bangga now but credits still go to miss... hahahahhha after everything finish... finally we get to rest!!!!! REST!!!! and as we got left over we modified the food and makan time.... all my group member dining in after the guests...
after washing the dishes and cleaning everything... time to camwhore.... lol suren doin weird pose....

our group pic without kailash =)

superman and superwomen poses without kailash.... hahahahahah *evil grins* well not that evil la... finally he came so here is it... we were all putting some sign above kailash head.... me im did LOSER sign on top hahahahhaha XD

BIKINI BOTTOM CAFE ROXXXXXX!!!!!!!! lol i did learn alot of stuff from doin this food studies project.... thank miss!!!!! thanks for this opportunity... it was really worth it =)
p/s: we ask kailash to put the fishes into the fountain where the fishes was in a bottle... usually ppl just pour into the fountain rite????? he did by taking it out one by one... KAILASH!!!!! wat were u thinking that time???? brainless person in the world!!!!!!! =D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


gah!!!!! im so so tired cuz 2 day i woke early prepared myself for college but b4 that fetch my aunt to the market to buy her stuff.... rest for like 10 minutes and off for college.... while im on my way suren kinda sms me and ask me where am i oh well im at the traffic light when i saw tat msg so i got time 2 reply.... hahahahha reach college saw bih tong i horn her jezzzzzzz she like don know saw who only but she ar walked up the stairs and down the stairs again just for fun.... hahahhaha den drove them to wah seng *well is a shop* but they did not get anything cuz it was expensive.... well for your infomation.... we are getting stuff for my food studies project which will be held this FRIDAY!!!!! *panic panic* oh well nvm and guess wat they all say.... lets go tesco!!!!!! but b4 that they said wanna go gaint.... =X

arg!!!! *pulling my hair* but for the sake of my group.... i drove all the way 2 tesco park and off we went for shopping.... wearing our uniform kinda make us looks like some secret agent or something.... hahahahha everyone was eyeing on us man.... =D brought some stuff finally and jezzzzzzzzzz suren's scallop was troublesome la.... in tesco tak ada so we all have to walked all the way to jusco.... in my head was saying this... "oh my so HOT!!! la and my feet is killing me" walked there i saw vincci.... ekkkkkk they drag me away... =( oh well our project is more important so so so we got the scollops!!!!!!! weeeeeee *happy happy* =D but i was complaining cuz i cant walked ady cuz my feet got blister.... both feet =( super pain but we all went makan at the food court.... saw jackie and gang... kinda shock wei... hahahahhaa

after makan, to tell you guys honestly.... we were super late for class lol xD this is like my 3rd time goin late for class but this time was worst... we were all taking our sweet time walking... ok me... went mcd suren and bih tong wanna eat ice cream but me nope cuz i don feel like....

blah!!!! i look weird here.... i know i know =X after that i ask them wheter i can go vincci for a while.... they said no and i said pls pls pls =( then they said ok but only 5 minutes... hahahahahah super happy walked in like kokoi only... see see and go.... but i saw wat i wanted ady... lol blekz =P

while we were in the car.... suren took my phone and took some pics.... is me driving and drinking my water.... i know wat u guys thinking... JUDEE DRINKING BABY BOTTLE!!!!!! arh!!!!!!!!!

i don care is wat i call senang.... and bih tong was being silly in the car....

hahahahahah head chef!!!!!! reach college like 1.45 somewhere there la.... no watch so i don know... late 1 class started at 1... heheheheheh XD i was still complaining bout my blister and class finish..... wah!!!!! so fast??? ok i was complaining for like half an hour... wah din know i can do that.... hehehehehehe den off went and help suren decorate the cf board... weeeeeee i did all those word and stuff.... now it looks like that... there are lots more to deco.....

CUTE rite????? i did the j revo and cross... *bangganya saya sekarang* see my name... secretary wo... hmmmmmm but lots of work to do la.... swt!!! after that i rush back to the car park to go back 2 school.... chatted with mrs lee and some teachers there.... there is some competition against houses and guess wat... cavell is winning the volleyball game... wahahahhaha as an ex cavell student... im so proud of u guys... actually was in school to see lixin help her with some stuff... hahahahahha man u r taller den me la... LIXIN!!!!! no!!!!!!!! im so short wei.... jezzzzzzzz =( not fair....

oh well just now went jj with dad and aunt.... mission to buy stuff... i drove while i was trying to park.... my car died and i tried to restart but it cannot.... something wrong so so i was like dad how la???? wat happen??? conclusion the battery weak.... car cannot be used...=( no car for me now.... ish dad call his fren charged it and dad drove back home and change car.... so im not driving tomorrow....

i brought new shoe from vinnci.... daddy brought for me... im so so happy!!!!!! =) but sad at the same time cuz car is out =(... oh well i like my new shoe.... =)

missing mummy badly...=(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

happy birthday marx!!!!!!!

hope u have a wonderful birthday celebration....=)

and u r getting old!!!!! =D

blekz =P

gald to have u as my friend =)

hahahahahaha i know u super happy cuz i post about u.... anyway nothing much today.... all i know food studies project is just round the corner.... gah!!!!!! sked nervous don know la.... lol and and and i still cant hit the note for singing and i don know when to breathe.... ish!!!!!

i wil admit this by saying me khor ju dee don have sense in direction.... so so so im happy bout it.... =(

i was kinda mad at someone... not only one person but three.... i do not wanna name them and i really don know wat to do... saying something that hurts ppl feeling is not a very funny thing to do..... u have such a big mouth but i don know to consider u as my fren.... i don not wanna have this feeling but wat u do really makes me think otherwise.... i still have to see u for like the next 2 more sem... eh wait make it 1 more sem.... saying bad words in class think u very big is it?????? hmmmmmmm i shall remain quiet now in class and concentrate more on my studies.... xP....

i bet fiona only know wat is goin on... so is only between me and u k gal..... mummy i miss u.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

i don know wat to say but according to the seniors.... i look cute in my hotel uniform.... i really don know wat to say so so so im speechless.... i look weird la!!!!! *blink* *blink* it is huge on me.... the coat and the skirt is lose... =( i don wanna wear!!!!! but if i don wear i wear wat la.... oh no ok ok here is a pic of me in my uniform but this was during ca class... for your info... ca stands for computer application... hahahahahaha

i really look like a lawyer and miss say that we are like goin for a funeral service.... LOL =D miss that is not helping at all.... i don look cute la!!!! and and and simpson cant stop asking me to put on my coat.... -_-!!! SWT!!! i don know wat to say all i know tat i look stupid.... What do u think???? How do i look in my uniform????

ok ok for ca presentation... wakakakakkaka =D miss say she is giving me 80 and above.... lol i don even know how 2 used microsoft powerpoint to do my slides.... she teach me and i finish mine in like 15 minutes and i presented it... lol..... hmmmmmm i wonder how was joy's presentation????

well ppl say i look bubbly when im out.... but when im at home... im not that gal that u would think.... i wanna talk to someone but there is always no one to talked to... well some sure says u got frens to talk to and yes i do talk with them.... is just that sometimes i don tell out some stuff... i really don know wat to type but for sure im categorise myself as lonely now.... oh well after the pastor prayed for me i know thta God is always watching out for me.... lol i juz wanna say this..

AMEN!!!! i also love my friends.... and 2 day i saw caisha!!!!! in my college for the debate competition.... i was suppose to be in as one of the lectural ask me to join... nah!!!!! i don want so i rejected it... lol man my friends are all wonderful....

yeah..... muaxxie!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

oh well for 1st of all i wanna wish my brother


hope that u have a wonderful birthday celebration in spore.... i miss u kor and cant wait for u to come back and show u my driving skills... =) really miss u le kor if can when u come back i wait for u to treat me sushi again.... instead of me treating u.... hahahahhaha im such a mean sis =P blekz!!!!!

ok ok judee has now change style i think???? now hip hoper style.....

oh well this was taken in yee cheong's house for caroling.... and and wanna learn a new way of playing a voilin???? here is it....

btw this is yee cheong.... he and his lameness make us laugh til our tummy hurts.... and and and im his mangsa bully wei.... =( gah!!! hahahahahhahah

2 day went for 2nd service cuz i know i cant wake up for 1st.... lol went makan breakfast with dad and aunt and u wanna know something the noodle tat i ordered... ahs lots of ants under it.... arg!!!!!! insects and they change for me a new one cuz there are like a bunch of ants..... *muka takut* oh well i din finish my breakfast so aunt finish it for me.... den i went and pump petrol for my car and off i go for 2nd service.... i know i was the late one.... hehehehehehe =D
after service me, yee cheong, joy, ashley, lilian and kylie went for banana leaf lunch at stadium... this time i was being smart for not ordering extra.... if not it will cost more den rm6 (-_-) so so im saving up ok.... jezzzzzzzz and air kosong was on the house.... the aunty belanja us.... lol air kosong only rite???? but hello have to pay rm0.20 ok.... at least can save.... den yee cheong dumped us and i have to fetch all back to church.... but we don wanna go back so early so so we were callin ppl so the can adopt us for few hours til winson finishes his futsal.... and so so priya adopted us...drove all the way and we crapped all our way there... hahahhaha laugh non-stop le...
den winson came to priya so have to fetch them back to church.... and winson stinks with all the sweat smell le.... aiyer!!!!!!!! busuk la some more he is sitting next to me.... ish ish ish but nvm la... reach church and now im back home... preparing for presentation 2 moro le..... sked!!!!! =( pray for me and joy too... she is also having presentation 2 moro... aiks!!!!!!! oh well tat all ppl... i have a wonderful weekend with my frens... love u all and once again
happy birthday kor!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

im not sick

im not sick

im not sick!!!! =(

why do ppl say tat im sick???? if i am i wil say la but sometimes i dont.... im only depressed wei... apala!!!! oh well on friday for food studies practical, we did cream puff anyway this time i do not wanna upload any pics cuz the pics are blurr... bad quality cuz i did not used my camera although i did brought it... lol LAZY MA!!!! wat to do by the way i got no mood in taking it.. cream puff was great and im taking of becoming a pastry chef????? wat do u think ppl???? hahahahha i know i don look like 1 but i do think i can le.... who knows only God knows what is waiting for me in my future....

after practical went greentown to do something and i was out whole day til 5 something... super tired wei!!!! =( after tat went back home get ready and im out again for youth.... supposely goin to visit a friend in hospital but he was discharged on the very same day.... ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! so ended up goin wooley with joy, winson and kylie.... makan dinner..... lol laugh our hearts out as we are crapping non stop... den joel oon join us and here we all go again.... den walked back to church and have our youth....

after youth, some of us went wooley while me, joy, wins, kylie, justin, joel oon, yee cheong, vilsern*was there for a while only*, lilian and andy went to stadium for yum cha instead of our old place wooley.... hahahhaha was there and wins and yee cheong did this chinese style of worshiping as one of the shop there playing some cny songs... lol i was between them so just imagine tat i laugh my heads off..... we were there till 11 somthing and when i reach home is ady 12 midnight... oh well it was fun....

as for today went for caroling practice... adui so hard la... singing my lungs out and im in alto group.... so so so i don know la cannot get the steps properly... *banging my heads on the wall* ok ok i admit i did the most mistake...=X hahahhahaha oh well practice more den is ok but the problem is i don remember how 2 sing le.... lol after practicing and oh yea didn't know that times travel fast and i wanna announce this i drove to yee cheong house... although i got lost 3 times.... =) but at least i make the effort 2 drive there... i fetch arvinraj!!!!!!! hahahahhahha

after caroling we all wanted to eat custart but the shop ia close den ended up goin stadium makan..... btw i din eat the whole day =( when in yee cheong house i only ate 2 heong peng *is tat how u spell* den tahan till 5 somthing and i ate chee ceong fun... small somemore cuz saving for dinner which is porridge at pasir puteh with wins, joy, yee cheong, kylie, meng leng and wins sis.... errrrr don really remember her name...opps!!!!!!! sorry *blink* *blink* lol =D after makan we were super full i mean it and i din finish my food so joy be my dusbin and finish it... hahahahhaha we all went to lilian's house to hang around... talked nonsense till kylie was beating up ppl cuz she is desperate for one bf.... on my im so so speechless wei =X i kena holly smacking from her too... ouch!!!!!!!! but love your neighbours as what the bible state.... and yes i still love kylie!!!!!!!!

and now im at home blogging bout it and stupid MSN!!! don let me sign in... cacat i wanna chat!!!!!!!! gah!!!!!! hate internet connection now..... that all ppl enjoy......

wait i think im goin sick..... my throat is not rite wei.... no no no i don wanna fall sick again....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

lots of ppl are sick lately.... don know y but some say is the weather.... well me im not SICK!!!! don know y lots of my fren say i look like im sick.... im only DEPRESSED =( oh well 1st of all my counselor navin have been admitted to hospital fatimah for one week and i don knwo at all till joy told me so... we are planning to visit and pray for him so tat he recover fast.... next was suren.... hmmmmm he ar sick fever i think???? joy called him 2 day and he said he was in hospital too but was there juz to get his medicine... lol =D den was nick fever too but God is a healer so he is healed... AMEN!!! den there is my senior who is also sick... wah banyaknya orang tak sihat....=(

gah!!!! watever as long as God is a healer all sure can be healed even non christian...

2 day nothing much though... oh yea my memory card was stuck inside rajes laptop... *screams and pulling hair* i was so darn nervous and started to emo near my class..... gosh gosh gsoh i was freaking sked tat something will happen to my memory card..... i was hugging joys guitar and thinking of this song in my head... "teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift" lol is a emo song.... i know i know... wat to do im still emoing although i don show it...

cf was awesome.... we did sharing and sand 2 songs.... den went fro class til 2 something and me, fiona and bih tong was super hungry.... eh wait i change shoe with joy lol =) we are wearing the same size joy tat means we can share heals... lalalalalalal super happy... walked to the pan mee shop.. im so so tempt by the fish and chips pic at tat shop... blah!!!! on diet!!!!!!! don wanna eat a lot!!!!

went back home... im sick of driving ady le don know y some love it when they got their license and keep on driving here and there... and ended up banging some other car.... oh wat la this ppl are even wreakless den me... hahahhahah im a STEADY driver get the pics... i don simply go bang a tree!!!!!!!! jezzzzzzzzz =P by the way i got my uniform 2 day and my coat is huge.... dad said was ok but i still think is huge... hmmmmmmm should i change or not la????? im still thinking bout it oh well i think no need la so so ma fan.... oh well im bored....

i now super miss mummy..... she wont be coming back like don know when.... hmmmmmmm i was thinking to go down to spore during sem break... well if i go also no one will be at home besides my doggie geogie... hmmmmmm should i go???? but i desperately miss mummy =( how i wish tat now im having lots of fun now but the feeling of sadness is still there... i really wanna say this to u mummy....

i know u don read blogs... well if u do come across this i really hope i can say it to u face to face now... every nite i pray for u and i do cry... is just tat no one knows... no one knows how i feel deeply in me...

i still love myself...

yes and i know God is there for me.... besides that music does express how u feel which means...

oh well i think that all ppl love ya!!!!!

i wil pray for those who are sick and u will always be in my prayers

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

wonderful lunch

oh well 2 day went to college super early cuz all our classes have been change... for only this 2 days la... have safety and hygiene in the morning instead of having it in the afternoon... but this time we all have kunch in ritz garden.... hmmmmmm i know wat u guys thinking.... crazy ar makan kat situ???? so so rich ar??? blekz =P where got la pay only rm10 for the lunch buffet le....hahahahha too bad too sad... oh well walked there but bih tong requested that i drive there... wat the hacked!!!! dont u know there no parking miss bih tong??? hahahahha all of us walked there la...

once reach there we all booked place we wanted... lol like small kids finding place to sit... once there miss say can dive in... weeeeee everyone got up and headed for the foods... i took this 2 dishes onnly and i love it.......

pasta and chicken... errrrr don know wat chicken but all i know is nice... YUMMY!!!!! here are the rest anjoying their meal....

everyone super happy while makan... u should have juz see simpson when he goes taking food.... lol non stop le... for dessert, this it was we have oh well i din really take the rest of the food... this a part from it...

desserts are ok but the pudding is not smooth at all..... roonet eating fruits... like tat also need to used knife and fork.... cacat fellow..... this is sir enjoyin his meal....

after taking pics... is my turn so we all the gals went to the toilet and took....

oh i love my camera!!!!! ok ok next group pic!!!!! and the outcast rooney and simpson

that all ppl... well im getting ready to go out yum cha with my church frens.... and i juz wanna say this...

AMEN!!!! and this....