Sunday, July 6, 2008

finally i can rest for the next few days cuz....
i finish my assignments!!!! =)
hahhahahaha oh yea 2 day service was ok only woke up and shi min fetch me 2 church.... super tired now =[ cuz i only slept 3 hours =S.... can u imagine 3 hours til now im like still awake... haih..... i cant wait 2 sleep but i have 2 print out all my assignments... oh yea i forgot bout this.... i brought jellybeans in the duty free shop in the airport... is cost me rm8.90 for a very small packet...=( oh well nvm its once in a lifetime.... lol
weng kin i think u win cuz i lose the bet... hahahahha i shop til i drop in loas... oh no!!!! this prove tat im really addicted to shopping.... PLS STOP ME!!!!!
ok ok for now im not goin shopping!!!! pls banded me ppl!!! =(

ini orang wanted!!!! hahahahhaahha aunty shirley ask me 2 put this down

this is his son la sam well i know him 2 oh well he don even know i have a blog =)

the pic is super blurr well nvm wait for the real person lol i din see him for a long time le.... we still keep in touch lol =)

i really do love camwhoring where ever i am.... this prove tat i cannot get rid of taking pics away from me.... *blink* *blink*

morning in laos hotel =)

lol i love u guys muaxxie!!!!

i think i like someone.....=S

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