Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hmmmmmm let start off with i had a very wonderful day..... oh well yesterday as usual woke up early.... lazying around eh wait no... i was doin my notes for my finals... hahahhahahha so went college after college went back home and i rest for a while... not to say this that my tummy was super hungry so i decided to grab like biscuits 2 eat to fill in my growling tummy.... hahahhaha im saving it for the best....=)

after that i bath and get ready cuz kelvin is gonna fetch me for mindy's farewell dinner... hmmmmmm im so so gonna miss mindy and if u read my blog i wil wait for u to come back on december and cant wait for my jellybeans hahahahaha =D went to perak shooting club for dinner... wow we ate steamboat and we din know there are some more till i look behind and say... hmmmmmm y behind got food la???? no one sitting on thet table also???? i ask kelvin and he said it was ours..... i was like wat!!!!! we are all full ady =( lol and joel, kelvin and matt decided 2 play with the stove cuz they wanna try something new i think... oh well when they wanna on it .... it cant be on.... lol den i said this i think i know le cuz this mini stove is wat i used for my flambeing thingy... went there sat on kelvin chair *he went toilet i guess* on the stove and wala!!!! FIRE!!! hahahahahah *im smart XD*

after makan all we decided 2 go for a yum cha session in persanjung in greentown... lol is actually a kopitiam and is my 1st time there.... i always hear ppl said there very cekap and in did it was.... i had a cold chocolate drink there... while there we all played mafia.... wow is was great and we laugh till our tummy got hurt.... here are some photo from the kopitaim shop...

while we were playing mafia we actuallt prank evelyn when she went to the toilet.... hahahahah we all know that she was the mafia cuz we all pakat and u guys should see how she was defending herself... lol had lots of fun and by the time i reach home was like 12 something in the morning.... tired tired tired... eyes are pain like mad i don know wat is goin on with my eyes.... =( i don wanna get eye infection.... sob sob sob CHOI!!!! I WONT GET TAT!!!!!! tat all i think im gonna put more eyemo tata
mindy im so so gonna miss u!!!!
cant wait for u to come back during december
love ya lot!!!!! =)

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