Monday, July 21, 2008

i don know wat to say but according to the seniors.... i look cute in my hotel uniform.... i really don know wat to say so so so im speechless.... i look weird la!!!!! *blink* *blink* it is huge on me.... the coat and the skirt is lose... =( i don wanna wear!!!!! but if i don wear i wear wat la.... oh no ok ok here is a pic of me in my uniform but this was during ca class... for your info... ca stands for computer application... hahahahahaha

i really look like a lawyer and miss say that we are like goin for a funeral service.... LOL =D miss that is not helping at all.... i don look cute la!!!! and and and simpson cant stop asking me to put on my coat.... -_-!!! SWT!!! i don know wat to say all i know tat i look stupid.... What do u think???? How do i look in my uniform????

ok ok for ca presentation... wakakakakkaka =D miss say she is giving me 80 and above.... lol i don even know how 2 used microsoft powerpoint to do my slides.... she teach me and i finish mine in like 15 minutes and i presented it... lol..... hmmmmmm i wonder how was joy's presentation????

well ppl say i look bubbly when im out.... but when im at home... im not that gal that u would think.... i wanna talk to someone but there is always no one to talked to... well some sure says u got frens to talk to and yes i do talk with them.... is just that sometimes i don tell out some stuff... i really don know wat to type but for sure im categorise myself as lonely now.... oh well after the pastor prayed for me i know thta God is always watching out for me.... lol i juz wanna say this..

AMEN!!!! i also love my friends.... and 2 day i saw caisha!!!!! in my college for the debate competition.... i was suppose to be in as one of the lectural ask me to join... nah!!!!! i don want so i rejected it... lol man my friends are all wonderful....

yeah..... muaxxie!!!!!

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