Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i juz know something and im super depressed bout it...

boonmo is emoing again...(T.T)

how can this be happening???? really too confuse bout something.... oh Lord y is this happening to us.... i thought is all your will but now it has change... i really prayed hard that all this stop!!!! Mix feeling is all around me..... all can be safe through your mercy oh Lord but y???? arg!!!!! *buat muka tak gembira langsung* for those who are reading don ask k.... i really do not wanna talked bout it... im onna keep it all to myself.... GET THE PIC ALL TO MYSELF!!!!!!

currently now in computer lab in college.... haih don know wat to do so i decided 2 blog 2 past my time... juz talk with joy and man i don want!!!!! i rebuked it!!!!!! no no no no!!!!!! *bengang ady* y la????? well is te secret between me and her and no one will know it..... pls dear Lord help us... really need your help


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