Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so so darn confuse

i don know is called confuse or is juz wat i think.... many things have been happen lately *don wanna described it =(* is all up to god to decide.... i know tat listening is not a good option so best thing is to read your bible... oh well i kinda don feel secured nowadays... i begin to bring my bible everywhere i go and mayb by this i can continue reading the bible when there is free time besides crapping all day long.... AH!!!!! my best fren is the bible!!!!! AMEN!!!!

2 day nothing much happen.... i pass parking but failed coming out... =( oh well went class early and the door was lock... sat at the stairs and it does sounds like im emoing at the stairs... gasp!!!! consider yes or no i don know but i think yes..... i wore my glasses 2 college due to the stupid contact lens.... masuk my left eye kinda have this pain... so i removed it and wear my specs... GAH!!!! so i know i do look nerd but hey i do have a sense of fashion though.... *buat muka i don care* finish class felt hungry but cannot eat yet cuz have 2 wait for joy... finally joy finish her class... weeeeee!!!!!! LUNCH.... makan the pan mee behind college have to walk super far *to me is far to others is not* it was YUMMY!!!! i can go for a second round but no.... blekz =P

den went back follow joy to her car... sat her car back college... actually is only a 2 minute drive cuz her car is juz next to college... hahahahhaha lazy to walk la... den saw Adam and gang *joy's fren* in car hon them and they did stupid stuff.... keep on honing till they move... kokoi betul la they all... lol got out from joys car and class.... i was being a good gal... listening and understanding wat the lec thought....

cooking assignments are coming.... panic man!!!! *biting nails* hu wanna come can... limited placing only rm20.... wanna come tel me.... it will be held in olympia college.... tel me!!!!

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