Sunday, July 13, 2008

the weekends


on saturday i woke up early cuz i went makan breakfast with dad... went to ipoh garden south *i think tat is wat u called it* i had this noodle i ask for mee and keutiau *don know how 2 spell la* they only gave me keutiau... jezzzzzzz wat la don know how 2 do business is it????? =[ after tat went back home and i did nothing... starring blankly in front the com...thinking of mummy in spore... =( drove 2 church at 1.50 *i think was not looking at any clock at home* went there matt shouted my name from far..... hmmmm speechless watch planetshakers dvd concert kinda feel boring... i think i did slept for a while in church... hahahahahah sorry

after tat, hang out for a while in church *no.46* talk crap there with justin, mindy, fern, priya, sharon and don know hu.... laugh non stop next i took justin for a test drive.... i pass with flying colours... he said im a steady driver BLEKZ!!!!!! =P thank you justin... but he ask me 2 speed cuz he needs 2 go toilet... ish ish ish apa la???? anyway reach back church safely went human touch for a drink... our topic at first was justin being gay soon it change to slippers, sandals and shoe and also heals.... oh well the gals *me, fern and mindy* busy counting how many pairs we have while they all the guys *justin, aaron and andy* saying this gals and the shoes... hahahahhaha aaron kesian la only got 2 pair =( anyway when u got money i bring u go buy more shoes k???? hahahahahah

sleptover at ferns house..went there her mum fetch cuz dad don wanna take me there and i don wanna drive at night.... we are craving for food so so so i ended calling justin.... take us go buy stuff!!!! we are hungry!!! lol and he came... went to mcd had lots of fun there watching fern and joel oon fighting... lol =X me and justin just watch wat was goin on... went to seven eleven buy junks and broooommmmmmm off we went back... eat and talk and eat and talk... next i was sleeping...zzzzzzzz


woke up but slept back... ferns alarm rang lots of time from 7 in the morning... suppose to get up for 1st service but nah wanna sleep back so ended goin for 2nd service... went tesco makan breakfast..... had scramble eggs toast and sausage.... yummy *thanks aunty* went church i was smsing william.... hmmm den after service i decided 2 follow winson they all go makan at stadium... took my stuff in ferns car *i mean aunty's car* tranfer it to aaron's car... aiyoh so so ma fan la hahahahha but it was fun cuz joy decided 2 take aaron car for a drive... lol joys driving was ok... makan indian food ate on banana leaf man.... sedap!!!!! talk for quite a long time at stadium.... after tat aaron drove.... HIS DRIVING IS SCARY!!!! he bang the side thingy... my heart was doing dup dup dupppppppppp!!!! *fast rate* as i was sitting in front.... lol den aaron send me back and here i am blogging...

nothing much though but for sure im missing mummy.... i don consider myself down is juz tat im thinking of her... cant wait for sem break so i can fly there and hug mummy!!!! 2 nite im goin out yum cha.... im not goin 2 drive =P yee cheong aka noob is gonna fetch me.... lol

p/s: ok im off is gonna rain... im currently hating everything in my house now... i don get it y my aunt have 2 treat her mother like tat.... i really feel like leaving this house now.... i don wanna stay here anymore.... the banging of all stuff the throwing and lots more really make me feel like slapping her.... wake up!!!!! making yourself mad means letting others to hate u more.... i do have that feeling of hate now... MUMMY I DON WANNA STAY IN THIS HOUSE =( the feeling of listening to all those really feels to kill some one... depressed and lost God pls help me.... i do not want to see her burn in hell for all the sins she had made... and im tired of asking God 2 forgive all her sins... i really do not know wat to do now... it is enough God... im desperate =(

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