Sunday, August 31, 2008

started with a bad sem

now im officially having chicken pox.... well sem break will be the worst now... i don even know where i got it from and who... im so so clueless of it.... and now i have to eat medicine and worst days are gonna happen.... it so not cool... wanna know why...

  1. i cannot get to go spore to see mummy

  2. im gonna be stuck at home for like errrrrr till i get well

  3. canonot go pangkor with my frens

  4. cannot go shopping which i want to do the most now

  5. eat sick ppl food

  6. eat medicine for one whole week or mayb more

  7. i have to be prepared for wat will be coming

gah gah gah!!!! IM HATING EVERY SINGLE MOMENT NOW!!!!!!!!

y does this happen to me????? does all this happen for a reason????? =( =( =(

god y me??? i did not pray for this to happen and y are u stopping me from goin down spore... is not fair at all... im so so dissapointed now.... im not blaming god or wat i juz wanna know y all this happen to me... is like end of my days....

ok ok wellnext if i got the chance to have a tattoo.... i will wanna have this pattern on my ankle...

i don know wat is stands for but is nice =) hahahahah im still obsess with shoes.... my life revolves around heel, shoe and flip flops =)

well for now i cannot do that =( *emoing* anyway i juz wanna end with some few lines of words...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

im free

exams are over now and im having sem break for 2 weeks... arent u guys jealous of me??? oh well im gonna blog bout exams.... oh well for computer application... is was ok i manage to do it but giving disket to students to save all is a bad thing cuz disket has minimum space to save stuff... change la to pendrive or wat.... den for safety and hygiene it was really UNASPECTED questions to come out.... for the whole study week i studied the whole book and only a small paragraph bout fire come out.. wat do u want me to say now... hmmmmm speechless judee is x mouthed =X

for the next day i thought is wont be the same oh well the answer is the.... it is still the SAME!!! food studies also have some weird question where we din studied bout it and for hospitallity english we were expecting wat our sir gave us based on the past year question where we have section A,B,C and D but it came to my suprise it was not.... but it was ok la for that...

and finally for food and beverage... woooohoooooooo finally there are question based on the textbook that they gave us... finally with the semangat in me.... i wrote all the essays although u only need to write 4 out of 6 =)

so is end of sem 1 and i cant believe im gonna be a senior... wooooohooooooo!!! but im still the one who kena bully =( hahahaha

so now holiday!!!!!

on friday infuse had infuse night where we invited ps.Rudy and this band called bus company band... amn it was cekap.... too bad some of u guys miss it.... i had lots fo fun... here is a pic of them while matt asking them to intro themselve...

the lead praise and worship and it was awesome... *thumbs up* after that was ps.Rudy word of God... after the whole thing.... some of us stayed back and chat... hahahaha jethro a.k.a lamestbabisnog was there and here is the different between one who is fair and dark... and both of us went ns... i was in the 1st batch while he is in the 2nd batch...

and as for me and fern... we are forever camwhoring... =D

after that most of us went makan supper at the old town tauge chicken the famous hor hun... hahahha and there is this pasar malam there... cool rite pasar malam and is raining... took some pics there =)

this is darren *i don know how 2 spell his name and im not sure is it correct* one of the bus company band member... this pic is after makan....see the background nite market!!!!

camwhoring chicks... hahahah kelvin's blurrrrr look...

this is samuel the lead singer from the band...

after that went back church and guess wat i went kampar.... hahahhaa follow fern and kelvin fetch those who came from kampar.. this means i get to know new frens like joshua, mark and ales *joshua gf and i don know how 2 spell her name* and there is daniel i saw him is juz i din talk 2 him... reach home at 2 something AM so im super tired!!!!

for 2 day woke up super early to go makan dim sum with the band and the rest... kelvin drove my car... we ate in bercham and my car got bird poop!!!! all thanks to kelvin.... but went to burger boy's house to clean it... hahahha went back to church and here are some more pics...

i look so SOT!!! hahahhahaha love it had lots of fun with the band b4 i have to leave for caroling and we did O Holy Night.... hahahhaha and now im kinda sick =(

i think im having chicken pox now =( no!!!!!!!!!!! spore!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

be prepared for this friday ppl... infuse is having infuse nite hahahahha

oh well don miss the fun ppl hahahaha nothing to do now...

anyway exams is over but i left one paper and that is food and beverage 1 lol weeeeeeeee~ one more one more!!!!!

im enjoying now cya later =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

finally i get to talk with mummy on the phone =)

i love today although im having exams =D

goin spore soon =]
im in a good mood so im posting this again..... next time i go out yum cha i no need 2 drive cuz william is fetching me... =)

thank you william

cant wait to go out yum cha with my long lost frens... =)

namely eric, jethro and william....

wait im happy =) yeah finally im happy =)

oh yea my job now is to promote colour contact lens... who wanna get cheap colour lens at only rm32.... go see my god sis blog called melissa jie jie... she is selling them and is cheap =) im getting one soon till i have money =)

p/s: suren is studying food studies in front of the computer.... kokoi suren how to study la hahahahahha
im gonna admit here that i suck in computer =( i don know y me and it don get along... at least i did well for my ca and speaking of safety and hygiene test.... let not talked bout it cuz wat i read in the book.... it never appeared in the exam.... wat is the used of the book???? to torture us by reading it???? anyway i think i did ok in my exams... writting grandmother stories in it is kinda cool =) this means my knowledge is errrr should i say narrow or broad... hahahahha

anyway 2 moro im having food studies and hospitality english....

trying to call mummy on the phone but it always lead to this... "you have reach the m1 voicemail system please leave your message after the beep" stupid operator.... i cant wait to go spore..... missing mummy badly =(

there are lots of thing that i wanna tel her and im not sure one week is enough... hmmmm i wanna go longer but on the 2nd week daddy is goin somewhere so is a deal that i go on the 1st week while dad goes on the 2nd week..... i got lots of question to ask but.... i think i will write it down and ask justin later =)

justin has been helping me alot and thank u justin =) anyway cant wait to meet up with u and ask lots more question....

im currently back in a slacker mood where i simply dress.. hahahah and today is super duper cold... freezing till fingers goes numb.... distracting me while doin my exams... oh well 2 down 3 more to go =)

STUDY!!!!!!!!!! BYE

Monday, August 25, 2008

my freaking finals is 2 moro!!!!
apa ni
i mau relax la
tak mau study!!!!!
hahahaha 2 moro 1st paper is computer application.. as lots of ppl know im a computer noob.... will i pass???? and 2nd paper is safety and hygiene ekkkkk!!!!!!!! i forget everything ady =X
recalling wat i learned for ca now =) stupid kokoi me
be back in few days time =) wish me luck for exams.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

sorry =[

im sorry for wat i have said.... i really din mean it... i was not thinking properly before saying something wrong.... i felt guilty for doin it...
fan la fan la!!!!
im actually kinda amazed to see trees... i wanna know how they feel now...
i juz think that being a tree is much more better den being a human being... malaysian trees are green all year round well if compared to overseas trees... they changes =)
like human feelings... ppl do change.. like trees they shed everytime the seasons changes... when in summer they grow... in spring they blossam... in authum they shed and in winter they are bald...
like we humans... we tend to be greedy at some point... we tend to be friendly... we tend to hurt ppls feeling and we will forgive and be frens again... don u think our life is just like a tree???
i do... and to say this i am emoing back =(
everyone has ups and down in their life but i juz choose to be the down one...
how i wish that my mum is here so that i can tell all wat i feel
but i just cant cuz she is in spore and im here in ipoh =(
keeping all by myself is all i did ever since she left
i don feel comfortable where im staying...
ppl i meet and ppl i share
it juz make me down
i don get it ppl why ppl can be as happy like joyful type
and some are sad like that whole world had turn against them
is horrible when u have to decide
sad vs happy
emo vs joyful
is all mixed up.......
im lost back and i don know how i feel now
i might be cold-hearted or i might be friendly
i have been thinking alot nowadays...
if christians are like that... y am i one????
i need an answer

Saturday, August 23, 2008

my decision

i have decided... and this is my choice... no one but me....
i have decided 2 stay in infuse
and that is for sure
i prayed so hard and i finally got my answer
ppl have been guiding me
and thank for all your support
im not lost k...
i wanna serve for god
and that is my decison
i love my frens and i will forgive them for wat wrong they have done
cuz god said love your neighbours as yourself
and yes
i love my frens
im so sorry for posting that post bout the slut thingy
i will forget bout it and start all over again
i kinda think that driving alone at night very scary...
especially goin some where far and coming back sitting alone in car
although music is on...
but is still scary
i will not wanna drive far away alone anymore
ppl pls fetch me... =)
im back to studying
they said i don look stressful
but indeed i do
i must study!!!!!
i love u all
p/s: god love all of us.... god is always faithful in us... god is our refuge and tower of strength... amen!!!! =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

im actually having the mood to study today... i don know y but it seems im semangat to study.... hooray!!! finally i got the mood to study and not waste my time doin nonsense besides goin out yum cha with wins they all...

a funny thing happen to me 2 day.... i woke up super late and then straight went and study non stop till lilian sms me... hahahah chat with her and study at the same time..*multi tasking* cool rite i can do that and i do remember wat i just read... =) half way smsing... lilian ask me this... do u tell anything to your parents??? i said only my mum but seems she is not here so i keep all to myself... after sending that i kinda cried... i really don know wat happen... it kinda triggered my feeling at that moment cuz i really miss my mum... i juz continue to cry and in the end i told lilain how i feel la...

i know at this stage im not as strong that u guys think but i wil try =)

camp vs caroling..... i don know which to choose =( to leave or not to leave???? God pls help this child of yours... she really wanna know badly where should she go... she is lost and she really need your guidance....

cant wait for sem break.... mummy here i come =D

another post

i wanna post one more.... cashie is being a lucky dog to have an owner like mua.... seems she is sick and all she gets to sleep inside the house everyday plus is raining and cold outside.....

isnt she adorable????? jus like her master eh wait my brother is her master... let it be assistance master *kononnya* awhhhhh get well soon my darling doggie =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

dayzzzzzz are like passing by so fast that u don even know exams are coming... wat on earth!!!! tuesday is exam and im still in chapter 7 =( this kinda sucks... hahahhahah at least i got to release stress goin out with frens.... yesterday went yum cha at old town kopitiam with wins they all... and this time different cuz justin saw is back!!!! uncle is back hahahaha had a great time there took some candid with my camera...

ok ok im smilling back thanks to them.... love them so much muaxxx!!!! i din drive but justin fetch me =)

2 day went to college and gosh my driving sucks after for not driving like errrr let me see.... 3 days??? hahahahha oh well this always happens to me cuz im special get it SPECIAL!!!!

drove ll the way to tesco for our tressure hunt thingy but ended up kena halau keluar.... wat la thinks we wanna high jet your tesco supermarket ar???? so went jj lo

den after that makan at food court den balik i saw mun teng, joan, yian fong and pei qin!!! GAH!!! miss u guys so much huggies i did hug yian fong =D

den have to drive all the way back to college to send them back i ponteng class din go for classes this week... hehehehhehe apa la study k =)

so balik rumah and now im having stupid headache... pain le =( juz now went for cell hahahha den yum cha at alisan... cool justin came too lets make this a conclusion



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

im in chapter 5 for safety and hygiene that means i still got 6 more chatpers to go and now is 2.45 am in the morning... wth!!!! i am bitten alive by mosquitos while studying.... =( i have this small thingy on my hand and its painful... is kinda distracting me from studying... gosh!!! anyway still got 2 more books to read...

study judee!!!! U MUST STUDY!!!

grecia i don think i got time to do the tagged.... mayb later la after my exams... actually locking yourself up in your room is a good thing... can concentrate more...

doggie is sick.... wat am i suppose to do... i gave all my love and she is still sick =( she had another injection today and is kinda sad seeing her like that....

well something happen to me yesterday b4 i slept.... *after studying* i prayed to god and i started tearing on my bed... hmmmmm i don know how to put it in words but i think im kinda relieve.... after all this things that happen... i kinda think i begin to backslide... is just a feeling...

god is my tower and refuge... i will stick to that... god is faithful and he is an amazing god... no way i would say no to him =)

im back to studying again.... oh well is 3.00 am in the morning... studying!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

im currently as slow as a totoise for studying..... mayb even slower... hmmmmm ok ok for the previous post i said i was not mad.. but hey i was lying im so sorry.. i was damned pissed off for something.... and im not gonna tel wat is it about.... i do have thrust issue now and i don even know who to thrust ady.... you are such a dissapoinment as a fren... i din know all this while u think like that... if is like that den i don know wat to say ady!!! I DON CARE FOR NOW!!!!!

ok done pissed off so im gonna make this a very very happy post... as i said im gonna make it and im sure to....

yesterday while i was studying... i polish my nails again and now it looks like that...

i was not wasting time by doing this at least i know wat i was reading.... and i also found out that my book contains cute pictures which i don know cuz i never open my safety and hygiene book b4 =)

don get me wrong is not some kiddy book.... is my safety and hygiene book k... hahahhaha at least like that i can remember... im so so stress up rite now... this is the way how i study...

  1. lock myself in my room

  2. study non stop

  3. don take any break

  4. study till late nights

  5. don look at the clock

  6. have lots of stuff around u *pillows and all*

  7. don eat

i think tat all... pics while i was studying *yes i do camwhore while studying*

my depressed look... =(

stressing myself out.. i know it but is for my own good.....

this is bout yesterday... 2 day i got lots of things to do...

  1. shower my doggie *she stinks*
  2. go jj buy something
  3. study!!!!!!

lol yup i drove to jj 2 day cuz aunt wanna buy something too so yup i went... i saw my ns fren Chok and i kinda ignore him... hehehehehe i din mean to cuz in camp he has a crush on me so so so is freaky scary... =X

i think tat all la

i wont be blogging for this few weeks cuz i really need to concentrate on my studies now =)

and as for that fellow GET A LIFE!!!! i really don wanna call u this but this is my blog so i can call watever i want.... SLUT!!!!! XP

i don know wat to say and im being lazy now.... i mean lazy to blog.... i have to study now and is a must!!!!!!!

ok now i shall begin to think twice b4 telling something to a fren or someone.... i just don feel rite with someone now... not to say i wanna avoid or wat i just don think that i wanna faced this person anymore... sorry to say this but i treated u as a fren and u backstab me so now u are my enermy and GET LOST!!!!!!

i don feel angry or wat i just think that u r faking every single thing...

miss my brader and mum and thank god that sem break is coming... so when is break that means im goin down spore and thank god too so i no need to see your face... im actually quite happy of saying this

hate u!!!!
i thought u r my fren but ended up no

Sunday, August 17, 2008

for badminton might juz has to settle for silver.... it was a sucky game though that malaysia lost badly in that game... lin dan is good!!!! hahahhaha
had lots of fun today where i woke up early for service den lepak a while... i was a good gal by buying food back for aunt and grandma cuz dad is still not back yet den is off back to church again... im so gonna say this i tried parking the side parking and i failed badly =( stupid la my car is out compared to the rest of the car so i saw this lady goin so i reverse and parked her place... heheheheheh
went for 2nd sevice too cuz the sermone is different compared to the 1st service =) after that makan at wooleys well i only drink la den matt have to go back and get the office key so we were all waiting outside of office like some beggar or something... lol
while they were having meeting i was in the room suppose to go on9 in the end i slept soundly the whole 1 hour plus =) i was being woken up by stupid kokoi joel s.
wat la kacau only and now i got lots of flyers thanks to marx =X
went for a movie at 4 somthing in jj and yes kelvin drove my car... wahahahaha i am a princess so there u go fetch me =P
watch WALL-E
hahahahah so cute but i have this bad headache i don know is headache or migrane....
is seriously killing me
the whole day ady le =(
and now im blogging....
i planed not to go college for the one week
oh yea evelyn is goin back to hong kong ady.... hmmm saying goodbye sucks!!!!
i'll miss u evelyn!!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

yesterday youth was quite nice...was talking bout devine purpose where that i learn we have to be focus on some goal or something where God is always in front of u and u are always being pulled by temptations around us.... when we fall for any temptation God is there waiting for us cuz he is a faithful God... AMEN!!!! had fun i was doin lcd and yes i did lots of mistake... din know where was joshua singing.... gah!!!! after youth i did not follow the rest for yum cha instead me, andrew, christine and lilian went and yum cha with winson they all in pasir puteh... =) had lots of fun and seriously i laugh like a mad person.. all thanks to yee cheong... he said this... 'wo se babi' laugh non stop =D went back super late like one something and i was amazed that daddy din scold me for going back late.. he din even call me but i called him to inform him i was coming back late hehehehehe

2 day woke up early cuz doggie was barking and is kinda disturbing la.... daddy was preparing to go out station for one night with frens which means im all home alone with aunt and grandma... =( fetch aunt go but food den after that waited for ashley to fetch me for caroling practice.... we kinda got lost around that area so called winson to guide us =)

practice was ok... this time there were more ppl that came for practice... there were me, sharon, lilian, joy, winson, yee cheong, andrew, ashley, kylie, arvin, christine lee *she was there cuz andrew was there* and weng kin *he was there to fellowship* lol took some pics while we were in wins room...

arvin said i look pale... do i???? anyway i was having my gastric problem when i took this phone.... hmmmm anyway i felt princess cuz i no need to drive all the way to pasir puteh... gagagagagaga =) thank you ashley =D den we were all super hungry so we all went to kfc near pangkalan... that is wat i heard from joy so we camwhore again =)

camwhore in ashley's car... hahahahha 1st pic was silly look while the 2nd want was mad but it turn out i was being ignorant... lol this is how i spend my time with new camera.... =)

and when we were in kfc.... the nerds od all nerds....

i was wearing joy's spec while she is wearing kylie's specs... lol ok this make my eyes hurts cuz im wearing contact lens.... hahahahha
went back home and i feel lonely =(
i want mummy now and bro to make me happy back
exams are coming
still haven study
im always like that
u are always there for me
i don know wat to say
i love u
huggies and muaxxie

Friday, August 15, 2008

wat a day

lol im no longer a princess since my brader is back in spore... this means i have 2 drive to college which now im sick of... BRADER PLS COME BACK HOME!!!! =( im ady missing u badly... well i had a sleepless nite yesterday due to the horror movie that i watch... jezzzzzzz stupid friends of mine that make me watch although i said i wanted 2 watch but i din know it was that scary....

went college and yes i drove in that stupid jam... wrong timing where schools are finish and all the cars are there to picked there kids up.... hmmmm i thought that on fridays there wont be that much ppl so that there are lots of parking place for me 2 choose and park... seems that my estimation is wrong!!!! but there is a good parking place for me =)

i am back to my old days again which means i go college empty stomach... well is like a habit for me so so so yeah i don eat.... i planned 2 eat near college but all my friends have eaten leaving me alone... so i sms kelvin and ask him whether he wants to have lunch togather... weeeeeeee!!!!!!!! he said yes so after college i drove all the way back to church and find him.... so we went jj had mcd for my branch =D fern was back too so we called her out.... saw phui mun and she was in tears when she saw us... lol i miss u so much finally we get to meet each other gal =)

finally a proper meal into my stomach with satisfaction... wait for your info i was back as a princess again cuz kelvin drove my car to jj =) thank you kelvin!!!! i went shopping for some stuff and yes i brought 3 nail polish from the face shop =)

spend like rm 17 something here den is off to popular... i brought this book..

true singapore ghost stories by russel lee... im a huge fan of his book... and i have all from 1 to this one... hehehehhehe i dare to read but i don dare to watch horror movies =)

hmmmmm i had lots of fun and now im back blogging bout wat i have done 2 day... oh well i do miss the psp that brader brought back... something is wrong with it so have to bring back to spore...

brader take care for me... i will go down to spore during sem break... wakakakakka and that will be soon =) cant wait to see my beloved psp again...

ok i better stop bragging bout my psp and all oh well now i think im goin to rest and i have 2 be in church by 7 something... hahahaha im gonna drive the other car which has a better horsepower.... lol shhhhhh!!!! my brader don know that im driving his car =) too bad too sad i will look after your car don worry....

loving u is all i want

and all i need

Thursday, August 14, 2008


the weather has gone mad!!!! wat is goin on???? but the prob is i don sweat... hehehehe i juz feel warm..... =) ok ok yerterday went for prayer meeting kelvin ar... woke me from my beauty sleep... hahahahha joking only i was suppose to wake up anyway... pray pray den yum cha in wooley.... i was totally bored when they were practicing... im doin lcd and hmmmm now i und a lcd fellow doin it... is so so BORING!!!! in wooley... i kena bully again... thanks joel, matt, joshua, kelvin and andrew.... u guys make me feel so so darn happy...*yea rite* went back home and i was watching anime with my brader... hahahahha it was nice =)

2 day woke up super early cuz classes now brought forward which mean safety and hygiene in catering starts at 10 while hospitality english starts at 1 til 2.30... gah!!!! so tired le.... i wanna sleep but cant cuz have 2 go college... brader have to force himself to wake up cuz have to fetch this adorable boonmo to college... lol i was late for class like 10 minutes =0 i told brader is ok but he said next time how???? when u work don tel me u are gonna be late everytime??? i juz shut myself up lol den went brader fetch me back... i din know he has arrived... i was sitting at the sofa's chatting with wei kang, andrew *another andrew but this is college andrew* and also brain... stupid brain tang you ar want me to beat u up????

ate pan mee again behind my college... hahahahha it is nice!!!! *thumbs up* lol well nothing much 2 day was my open day for the cafeteria.... invited all the headmaster/headmistress in ipoh... lol mgs din come.. safe!!!!!! hmmmm after that i curi makan when all the heads left... heheheheh only watermelon la... blekz =P

hmmmmm im sad again.... well brader is goin back spore 2 nite.... i don want my brader to go back =( it will be as fun anymore... i don want i don want!!!!!!! i was happy at first but seeing him packing his stuff really makes me feel kinda heavy to let my brader to leave... this is y i hate the word bye.... it juz makes me feel that everything has gone.....

hmmmmmmm he pinch my checks again!!!!! y do everyone play with my hair and pinch me... cant even defend myself.... blah!!!!! anyway b4 class started after lunch... me, bih tong, nick, patricia and suren were all in class watching horror movie!!!!.... stupid i thought some nice movie ended up some freaking horror movie... i did screams my lungs out when that crazy gal started killing all ppl... is so so so scary!!!!!!!! =(

for sure there is gonna be nightmare for me and i don think i can sleep cuz the pic is now in my head.... cant take it out.... hmmmmm i don think i wanna go cell 2 day.... i wanna spend more time with brader b4 he leaves... =( no!!!!!!!!!!

emo gal is back which means boonmo this means im boonmo forever .... y do ppl leaves and go away but comes back when they have a short holiday... y cant they have a long one... and stay longer next to me....

happyness has gone

welcome sadness

how i wish this does not happen to me =(

happy birthday grecia!!!!!

i miss u so much

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


USA swimmer michael phelps has did it again winning his 11th medal in the beijing olympic games... oh my and he even broke most of the olympic records =) he is my idol!!!!! oh well park twe hwan is my second idol in swimming competition... he also not that bad wert winning silver in freestyle oh well of course phelp's took the gold... he also won a gold medal for korea in one of the events... freestyle event *i still remember*

anyway went college and i felt like a princess again... brader fetch me and also fetch me back... =) he was complaining why my class starts at one... i was like how i know la... den he even said that i make him miss diving cuz he have to fetch me back... lol oh well u all sure know who will dominate the diving event... CHINA la duh!!!!! china has been winning lots of medals.... hahahahha malaysia???? i don know mayb in badminton there is a chance...

weather is like hot hot hot!!!!!! on air cond every night now... lol and and and mosquitoes are annoying!!!! cant really get enough sleep cuz all night i can hear buzzzzzz from the mosquito near my ears... *stupid mosquito* even just now when brader fetch me it was burning hot even in the car... oh wait i was with my coat on but i did took it off...

i now got my own tie and and and i look stupid like in the previous post.... y do girls have to wear tie???? is like ewwwwwww!!!! im thinking of a new fashion for hotel management students.... lets go slaker style *buat muka slaker* hahahaha is nice wert... putting tie low and not fully button your shirt... that is what i have been doin =) i know i did break the rules... oh well in my world there are no rules..... =D

i got a feeling of going china now le.... hahahhaha lets go XD

i wanna ask.... y do people like playing with my hair?????? and also pinching my checks???? can anyone reply me????? cuz one senior from other course pulled my hair... and he was playing with my hair....

im addicted to this song in my phone and is called bananaphone!!!!!!! is nice i have it and is my ringtone... lol XD

brader is sleeping well i guess i wanna sleep too... pigs!!! oink oink oink!!!! =) oh this reminds me i HAVE TO STUDY!!!!!!
pls kill me ppl... i don wanna study le im LAZY... hahahahha yeah lazy...

if i have the chance
i wanna say ...
u will und wat i mean =)

p/s: i want new heels.... i want new handbag.... i want to go shopping like i used to do... anyone wanna follow???? =( oh yea i also want new earing and wrist bands... pls pls pls buy for me *desperate girl in the house*

eating ice cream that brader buy for me although im still coughing... lol =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 day class we had quiz.... hahahhaha really stupid that i read all on food and beverage service 1 but i ended up cant answer the question that miss gave... it was stupid all i can say is stupid!!!!!! 2 day the guys kinda won over girls but during food studies girls won... lol =) oh yea for hospitality english... all of us was stuck with the book reading non stop preparing for f&b quiz... i was doing that too la =D....

went to college with cab and it has been like ages i did not sit a cab to college.... usually b4 i dared to drive i sat cab.... y i sat a cab.... I GOT NO CAR LA!!!! hahahahha bro is in kl while daddy took the other car =( so im left with nothing but im happy cuz im sick of driving...

ate pan mee behind the college... me fiona and bih tong walked all the way there juz 2 eat pan mee... hahahahha is nice and me so kokoi walking with my coat on... i look like a secret agent fr some company though...

i love watching olympics now cuz swimming got michael phelps!!!!! and there is park twe hwan from korea.... wow!!!!!! omg!!!! phelps currently broke like 3 world record or more... he is like my idol wei i wanna meet him in person =D

ok finally im back to normal camwhoring in class and also fooling around... 2 day for food studies quiz was the fun one among all.... the guys suppose to name 2 equipments for cooking thingy and i help them by saying sauce pan and also frying pan... meka wrote flying pan so we all laugh non stop including miss =D im getting used to the uniform now and i kinda like it =)

dad fetch me back and i have 2 wait for him till so late like 5 something in the evening... i seriously hate waiting... was talking to sai mun and the rest hahahhahha bored le that time waiting for daddy 2 picked me up... oh well im gonna continue to watch diving now... china is winning lots of medal !!!!!!

happy birthday priya!!!!!!

hope u have a wonderful birthday gal!!!!! =)

Monday, August 11, 2008


ok ok i know i have not been blogging for the past few days and now im back... lol i have been busy lately oh well lets continue on friday i have no class and i was kinda bored at home again.. im forever bored =) i was at home the whole day and yes movie marathon on that day... i watch cadet kelly, the prince and me 2 and also she is the man... lol love watching movies nowadays =D

at night it was infuse youth and yeah i went.... it was vision night and something kinda caught my attention that we are more organised.... is that a good word or wat???? well yeah at least i know wat will be on for the next 6 months.... something stupid happen in youth that joshua keeps on playing with my hair and he said weng kin did it.. i don know who and i know that joshua was sitting behind me so i assumed he was the one =).... after that yum cha at wooleys and i was enjoying playing with aaron's handphone game... that sonic game is nice *cant wait to play this coming friday if he comes*


on saturday i was suppose to wake up early to go for practice but ended up sleeping till very late... ahahahha the moment i went church iw as totally late for everything *i went out breakfast with dad and aunt* before goin back church i drop by at the pharmacies to buy my medician and all and when i went back church all ady lazying around... =) oh well so i decided to take in my homework and do in church and yes i did some till andrew said wanna leave so i put all back in my car and drove back... few minutes later... andrew came to fetch me and off we go to yee cheong's house.... when we were there yee cheong said we are suppose to wait for ashley in the end we went to fetch her... lol i din know ashley rare cute chickens in her garden.... went to makan at this shop near bercham den is off to winson's house for caroling practice... hahahahaha i am still having my flu and cough so wat i sang was kinda destroying the group... but no i was not... *buat muka bangga*

practice practice den after that we hang around in winson house watching olympic... hahahahha me and joy was starring at the tv where gymnast guys are doin their stuff... hahahah i saw this japanese gymnast and he is so so leng zai.... yee cheong said his name is tomato *jezzzzzzzz among all name* lol den after that andrew was complaining that he needs to leave but that time ashley was helping out with kylie's assignments so after that when wanna leave yee cheong want to know the china dude scores for that event *gymnastic event* so as yee cheong was driving back we were all hungry espcially me *gonna die soon* so we were discussing on where to eat for dinner... andrew needs to go home for dinner while ashley last minute her mum called ask her to go back as she got some dinner... so is left me and yee cheong and again we went back to that place again... don rememeber wat u called ady and i ate speghatti =D

at night i got nothing to do so i went and see the guys play futsal in the extreme park at tambun... i din know there can play futsal.... hahahahha it is fun seeing them play but when some one got injured is so not fun ady.... =( weng kin have cramps den justin stomach is not well and all hahahahha and matt keep on asking me 2 go in to be the goalkeeper i was starring with my evil stare at him... he ar forgot to fetch me hahahahha but he fetch me back... went back at 11 something and i watch horror movie... lol did not finish the movie and so i slept =)


woke up early cuz bro is back so i went to the sri maju bus stand to picked him up... lol he said my driving sucks... well is so not encouraging at all kor.... hahahha went back and sleep and got up early again cuz i need to get ready for service.. this time i din go fga but i went back cop *church of praise* but before that i have to rush to the nearby seven eleven stall to get sweets for my fren.... hahahaha and then sabs fetch me... reach there super early cuz they all need to practice.. for your info it was church of praise anniversary and its their 23th birthday =) i still remember last year it was held in syuen hotel... =)

while we were there i camwhore with sabs...

and i saw this cute gal... lol curi took her pic =)

she got scared of sabs when sabs wanna take pic with her... and then sabs need to go practice so i decided to booked place... carmen was there... she is like my fren *younger den me but i play with her since we were small* took pics with ayleathea... practically i ttok lots of pics on that day =)

wendy jie and me =D

oh yea speaking of food that day church of praise had mamak food... oh is it called indian food??

hahahahah took this pic from nicky's plate... i even stole some of those papadam is that wat u call???? don know la i know i enjoy curi makan =) den i went and camwhore some more...

oh yea i found out something that jonan change alot.... hahahahhah i really din know cuz is like ages i did not see him after i leave cop...

he is like that cuz he said im short =( stupid benjamin!!!!!! so gonna kill u !!!!! lol see ding behind there hahahahha DONKEY!!!!!! showing off his muscles *blekz =P* hahahaha after that i had 2 rush to jj cuz i have to catch a movie with my frens... so sabs dad fetch me there and yeah we talked alot in the car.... with sabs mum and all i was goin here and there as all of them wanna talk with me... reach and i straight went to the cinema to meet up with infusers... oh i saw beh and yap mun =) my ns fren hahahahha hug them and wow beh change alot i still think he looks nicer in bald opps =X

watch meet dave and it was super farny... vilsern' s was laughing super duper loud and after movie andrew fetch me back =) i saw nose has this sale but i was stop by andrew =( he don even let me go window shopping.... hahahahhaha at nite bro and me went tesco... i don go to tesco and is like my 3rd time there.... bro brought lots of junk and can u believe that he brought 4 types of ice cream????? is like goin for survival camp =) lol love doin that with bro... shopping with bro is fun =D

oh well bro is currently in kl he will be back tomorrow and bro send me 2 college today.. i felt like a princess again for letting ppl fetch me 2 college =) jezzzzz 2 moro i have to sit cab.... =( oh well i think that all... oh yea i finish my freaking 10 essays ady =) last minute work and now im off to study.... exams are coming *pulls hair* bye ppl