Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 day class we had quiz.... hahahhaha really stupid that i read all on food and beverage service 1 but i ended up cant answer the question that miss gave... it was stupid all i can say is stupid!!!!!! 2 day the guys kinda won over girls but during food studies girls won... lol =) oh yea for hospitality english... all of us was stuck with the book reading non stop preparing for f&b quiz... i was doing that too la =D....

went to college with cab and it has been like ages i did not sit a cab to college.... usually b4 i dared to drive i sat cab.... y i sat a cab.... I GOT NO CAR LA!!!! hahahahha bro is in kl while daddy took the other car =( so im left with nothing but im happy cuz im sick of driving...

ate pan mee behind the college... me fiona and bih tong walked all the way there juz 2 eat pan mee... hahahahha is nice and me so kokoi walking with my coat on... i look like a secret agent fr some company though...

i love watching olympics now cuz swimming got michael phelps!!!!! and there is park twe hwan from korea.... wow!!!!!! omg!!!! phelps currently broke like 3 world record or more... he is like my idol wei i wanna meet him in person =D

ok finally im back to normal camwhoring in class and also fooling around... 2 day for food studies quiz was the fun one among all.... the guys suppose to name 2 equipments for cooking thingy and i help them by saying sauce pan and also frying pan... meka wrote flying pan so we all laugh non stop including miss =D im getting used to the uniform now and i kinda like it =)

dad fetch me back and i have 2 wait for him till so late like 5 something in the evening... i seriously hate waiting... was talking to sai mun and the rest hahahhahha bored le that time waiting for daddy 2 picked me up... oh well im gonna continue to watch diving now... china is winning lots of medal !!!!!!

happy birthday priya!!!!!!

hope u have a wonderful birthday gal!!!!! =)

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