Thursday, August 21, 2008

dayzzzzzz are like passing by so fast that u don even know exams are coming... wat on earth!!!! tuesday is exam and im still in chapter 7 =( this kinda sucks... hahahhahah at least i got to release stress goin out with frens.... yesterday went yum cha at old town kopitiam with wins they all... and this time different cuz justin saw is back!!!! uncle is back hahahaha had a great time there took some candid with my camera...

ok ok im smilling back thanks to them.... love them so much muaxxx!!!! i din drive but justin fetch me =)

2 day went to college and gosh my driving sucks after for not driving like errrr let me see.... 3 days??? hahahahha oh well this always happens to me cuz im special get it SPECIAL!!!!

drove ll the way to tesco for our tressure hunt thingy but ended up kena halau keluar.... wat la thinks we wanna high jet your tesco supermarket ar???? so went jj lo

den after that makan at food court den balik i saw mun teng, joan, yian fong and pei qin!!! GAH!!! miss u guys so much huggies i did hug yian fong =D

den have to drive all the way back to college to send them back i ponteng class din go for classes this week... hehehehhehe apa la study k =)

so balik rumah and now im having stupid headache... pain le =( juz now went for cell hahahha den yum cha at alisan... cool justin came too lets make this a conclusion



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