Sunday, August 17, 2008

for badminton might juz has to settle for silver.... it was a sucky game though that malaysia lost badly in that game... lin dan is good!!!! hahahhaha
had lots of fun today where i woke up early for service den lepak a while... i was a good gal by buying food back for aunt and grandma cuz dad is still not back yet den is off back to church again... im so gonna say this i tried parking the side parking and i failed badly =( stupid la my car is out compared to the rest of the car so i saw this lady goin so i reverse and parked her place... heheheheheh
went for 2nd sevice too cuz the sermone is different compared to the 1st service =) after that makan at wooleys well i only drink la den matt have to go back and get the office key so we were all waiting outside of office like some beggar or something... lol
while they were having meeting i was in the room suppose to go on9 in the end i slept soundly the whole 1 hour plus =) i was being woken up by stupid kokoi joel s.
wat la kacau only and now i got lots of flyers thanks to marx =X
went for a movie at 4 somthing in jj and yes kelvin drove my car... wahahahaha i am a princess so there u go fetch me =P
watch WALL-E
hahahahah so cute but i have this bad headache i don know is headache or migrane....
is seriously killing me
the whole day ady le =(
and now im blogging....
i planed not to go college for the one week
oh yea evelyn is goin back to hong kong ady.... hmmm saying goodbye sucks!!!!
i'll miss u evelyn!!!!!!

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