Monday, August 11, 2008


ok ok i know i have not been blogging for the past few days and now im back... lol i have been busy lately oh well lets continue on friday i have no class and i was kinda bored at home again.. im forever bored =) i was at home the whole day and yes movie marathon on that day... i watch cadet kelly, the prince and me 2 and also she is the man... lol love watching movies nowadays =D

at night it was infuse youth and yeah i went.... it was vision night and something kinda caught my attention that we are more organised.... is that a good word or wat???? well yeah at least i know wat will be on for the next 6 months.... something stupid happen in youth that joshua keeps on playing with my hair and he said weng kin did it.. i don know who and i know that joshua was sitting behind me so i assumed he was the one =).... after that yum cha at wooleys and i was enjoying playing with aaron's handphone game... that sonic game is nice *cant wait to play this coming friday if he comes*


on saturday i was suppose to wake up early to go for practice but ended up sleeping till very late... ahahahha the moment i went church iw as totally late for everything *i went out breakfast with dad and aunt* before goin back church i drop by at the pharmacies to buy my medician and all and when i went back church all ady lazying around... =) oh well so i decided to take in my homework and do in church and yes i did some till andrew said wanna leave so i put all back in my car and drove back... few minutes later... andrew came to fetch me and off we go to yee cheong's house.... when we were there yee cheong said we are suppose to wait for ashley in the end we went to fetch her... lol i din know ashley rare cute chickens in her garden.... went to makan at this shop near bercham den is off to winson's house for caroling practice... hahahahaha i am still having my flu and cough so wat i sang was kinda destroying the group... but no i was not... *buat muka bangga*

practice practice den after that we hang around in winson house watching olympic... hahahahha me and joy was starring at the tv where gymnast guys are doin their stuff... hahahah i saw this japanese gymnast and he is so so leng zai.... yee cheong said his name is tomato *jezzzzzzzz among all name* lol den after that andrew was complaining that he needs to leave but that time ashley was helping out with kylie's assignments so after that when wanna leave yee cheong want to know the china dude scores for that event *gymnastic event* so as yee cheong was driving back we were all hungry espcially me *gonna die soon* so we were discussing on where to eat for dinner... andrew needs to go home for dinner while ashley last minute her mum called ask her to go back as she got some dinner... so is left me and yee cheong and again we went back to that place again... don rememeber wat u called ady and i ate speghatti =D

at night i got nothing to do so i went and see the guys play futsal in the extreme park at tambun... i din know there can play futsal.... hahahahha it is fun seeing them play but when some one got injured is so not fun ady.... =( weng kin have cramps den justin stomach is not well and all hahahahha and matt keep on asking me 2 go in to be the goalkeeper i was starring with my evil stare at him... he ar forgot to fetch me hahahahha but he fetch me back... went back at 11 something and i watch horror movie... lol did not finish the movie and so i slept =)


woke up early cuz bro is back so i went to the sri maju bus stand to picked him up... lol he said my driving sucks... well is so not encouraging at all kor.... hahahha went back and sleep and got up early again cuz i need to get ready for service.. this time i din go fga but i went back cop *church of praise* but before that i have to rush to the nearby seven eleven stall to get sweets for my fren.... hahahaha and then sabs fetch me... reach there super early cuz they all need to practice.. for your info it was church of praise anniversary and its their 23th birthday =) i still remember last year it was held in syuen hotel... =)

while we were there i camwhore with sabs...

and i saw this cute gal... lol curi took her pic =)

she got scared of sabs when sabs wanna take pic with her... and then sabs need to go practice so i decided to booked place... carmen was there... she is like my fren *younger den me but i play with her since we were small* took pics with ayleathea... practically i ttok lots of pics on that day =)

wendy jie and me =D

oh yea speaking of food that day church of praise had mamak food... oh is it called indian food??

hahahahah took this pic from nicky's plate... i even stole some of those papadam is that wat u call???? don know la i know i enjoy curi makan =) den i went and camwhore some more...

oh yea i found out something that jonan change alot.... hahahahhah i really din know cuz is like ages i did not see him after i leave cop...

he is like that cuz he said im short =( stupid benjamin!!!!!! so gonna kill u !!!!! lol see ding behind there hahahahha DONKEY!!!!!! showing off his muscles *blekz =P* hahahaha after that i had 2 rush to jj cuz i have to catch a movie with my frens... so sabs dad fetch me there and yeah we talked alot in the car.... with sabs mum and all i was goin here and there as all of them wanna talk with me... reach and i straight went to the cinema to meet up with infusers... oh i saw beh and yap mun =) my ns fren hahahahha hug them and wow beh change alot i still think he looks nicer in bald opps =X

watch meet dave and it was super farny... vilsern' s was laughing super duper loud and after movie andrew fetch me back =) i saw nose has this sale but i was stop by andrew =( he don even let me go window shopping.... hahahahhaha at nite bro and me went tesco... i don go to tesco and is like my 3rd time there.... bro brought lots of junk and can u believe that he brought 4 types of ice cream????? is like goin for survival camp =) lol love doin that with bro... shopping with bro is fun =D

oh well bro is currently in kl he will be back tomorrow and bro send me 2 college today.. i felt like a princess again for letting ppl fetch me 2 college =) jezzzzz 2 moro i have to sit cab.... =( oh well i think that all... oh yea i finish my freaking 10 essays ady =) last minute work and now im off to study.... exams are coming *pulls hair* bye ppl

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