Monday, August 4, 2008

i don know should i say this is a happy post or kinda a sad 1.... most of my fren knows that i miss my mum so much even a wall would break juz like that in front of me when i touches it.... juz talked to mum on the phone and guess wat.... i actually have to voice out more cuz my throat kinda stops me from talking.... so wat came out from my mouth was juz deep deep voice like a retard person talking.... told mum wat im goin through now... and wat she said was drink this and that... it works... hmmmmmmmm i don know la... and she even ask me 2 take the long type of panadol.... i din know there is such thing???? i only know panadol is in circle shape =)

well i really do miss mummy and that is for sure... im no longer depressed ady but i find it starting a new day everyday does help...

joy i miss u too!!!!

hmmmmmmmmm oh yea i think my brader is sick too.... i inda heard him coughing in the room and and and he din go t work 2 day O.O wow.... ponteng ar....

noob thanks for your concern... i know u enjoying your fried chicken 2 day.... jezzzzzzzz tempting me is not a good thing when im sick.. but nvm i wil wait till i get well and u r gonna treat me banyak good food.... hahahahhaha

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