Monday, August 18, 2008

i don know wat to say and im being lazy now.... i mean lazy to blog.... i have to study now and is a must!!!!!!!

ok now i shall begin to think twice b4 telling something to a fren or someone.... i just don feel rite with someone now... not to say i wanna avoid or wat i just don think that i wanna faced this person anymore... sorry to say this but i treated u as a fren and u backstab me so now u are my enermy and GET LOST!!!!!!

i don feel angry or wat i just think that u r faking every single thing...

miss my brader and mum and thank god that sem break is coming... so when is break that means im goin down spore and thank god too so i no need to see your face... im actually quite happy of saying this

hate u!!!!
i thought u r my fren but ended up no

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