Monday, August 18, 2008

im currently as slow as a totoise for studying..... mayb even slower... hmmmmm ok ok for the previous post i said i was not mad.. but hey i was lying im so sorry.. i was damned pissed off for something.... and im not gonna tel wat is it about.... i do have thrust issue now and i don even know who to thrust ady.... you are such a dissapoinment as a fren... i din know all this while u think like that... if is like that den i don know wat to say ady!!! I DON CARE FOR NOW!!!!!

ok done pissed off so im gonna make this a very very happy post... as i said im gonna make it and im sure to....

yesterday while i was studying... i polish my nails again and now it looks like that...

i was not wasting time by doing this at least i know wat i was reading.... and i also found out that my book contains cute pictures which i don know cuz i never open my safety and hygiene book b4 =)

don get me wrong is not some kiddy book.... is my safety and hygiene book k... hahahhaha at least like that i can remember... im so so stress up rite now... this is the way how i study...

  1. lock myself in my room

  2. study non stop

  3. don take any break

  4. study till late nights

  5. don look at the clock

  6. have lots of stuff around u *pillows and all*

  7. don eat

i think tat all... pics while i was studying *yes i do camwhore while studying*

my depressed look... =(

stressing myself out.. i know it but is for my own good.....

this is bout yesterday... 2 day i got lots of things to do...

  1. shower my doggie *she stinks*
  2. go jj buy something
  3. study!!!!!!

lol yup i drove to jj 2 day cuz aunt wanna buy something too so yup i went... i saw my ns fren Chok and i kinda ignore him... hehehehehe i din mean to cuz in camp he has a crush on me so so so is freaky scary... =X

i think tat all la

i wont be blogging for this few weeks cuz i really need to concentrate on my studies now =)

and as for that fellow GET A LIFE!!!! i really don wanna call u this but this is my blog so i can call watever i want.... SLUT!!!!! XP

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