Tuesday, August 26, 2008

im gonna admit here that i suck in computer =( i don know y me and it don get along... at least i did well for my ca and speaking of safety and hygiene test.... let not talked bout it cuz wat i read in the book.... it never appeared in the exam.... wat is the used of the book???? to torture us by reading it???? anyway i think i did ok in my exams... writting grandmother stories in it is kinda cool =) this means my knowledge is errrr should i say narrow or broad... hahahahha

anyway 2 moro im having food studies and hospitality english....

trying to call mummy on the phone but it always lead to this... "you have reach the m1 voicemail system please leave your message after the beep" stupid operator.... i cant wait to go spore..... missing mummy badly =(

there are lots of thing that i wanna tel her and im not sure one week is enough... hmmmm i wanna go longer but on the 2nd week daddy is goin somewhere so is a deal that i go on the 1st week while dad goes on the 2nd week..... i got lots of question to ask but.... i think i will write it down and ask justin later =)

justin has been helping me alot and thank u justin =) anyway cant wait to meet up with u and ask lots more question....

im currently back in a slacker mood where i simply dress.. hahahah and today is super duper cold... freezing till fingers goes numb.... distracting me while doin my exams... oh well 2 down 3 more to go =)

STUDY!!!!!!!!!! BYE

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