Saturday, August 2, 2008

im officially sick and i don know where i got it from.... =( i want mummy to come back!!!!!!! this kinda remind me that i juz recover like 1 month ago and now sick again.... is so so not cool....

i trim my frindge and now i kinda look like a lion... hahahhaha evelyn said i look nicer like that... i don know all of them messing up my hair =X being sick is not a good thing....
  1. i look really weird
  2. i tak ada semangat langsung
  3. even more blurrer den b4
  4. don feel enjoyed at all
  5. don feel like talking *throat hurting*
  6. feel weak most of the time

arg!!!!! the list will be long so i don wanna continue... some sure say that im complaining... hmmmmmm i think i am..... 2 moro joanne is gonna come back from kl and i cant wait 2 go out with her... if i can go cuz im like grounded..... well don care i'll sneak out!!!! =) she is like my childhood fren... we grow up 2 gather and i still remember when we were young... we will go shopping 2 gather while school holidays are on... we even play playstation 1 and had lots of fun.... we played bowling 2 gather and lots more.... practically childhood memories roxxxxx!!!! =D

sunday i will be goin kl with my church frens for this concert and im looking forward for it.... i miss someone.... =( badly but i still remember ths slide that justin gave me.... it is working and im encourage by it... THANK YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!

not only that i wanna wish someone happy birthday.....

kang wei happy birthday!!!!!!!

hehehehehehe he is my ns fren and he owe me a soft toy... =)

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