Wednesday, August 13, 2008


USA swimmer michael phelps has did it again winning his 11th medal in the beijing olympic games... oh my and he even broke most of the olympic records =) he is my idol!!!!! oh well park twe hwan is my second idol in swimming competition... he also not that bad wert winning silver in freestyle oh well of course phelp's took the gold... he also won a gold medal for korea in one of the events... freestyle event *i still remember*

anyway went college and i felt like a princess again... brader fetch me and also fetch me back... =) he was complaining why my class starts at one... i was like how i know la... den he even said that i make him miss diving cuz he have to fetch me back... lol oh well u all sure know who will dominate the diving event... CHINA la duh!!!!! china has been winning lots of medals.... hahahahha malaysia???? i don know mayb in badminton there is a chance...

weather is like hot hot hot!!!!!! on air cond every night now... lol and and and mosquitoes are annoying!!!! cant really get enough sleep cuz all night i can hear buzzzzzz from the mosquito near my ears... *stupid mosquito* even just now when brader fetch me it was burning hot even in the car... oh wait i was with my coat on but i did took it off...

i now got my own tie and and and i look stupid like in the previous post.... y do girls have to wear tie???? is like ewwwwwww!!!! im thinking of a new fashion for hotel management students.... lets go slaker style *buat muka slaker* hahahaha is nice wert... putting tie low and not fully button your shirt... that is what i have been doin =) i know i did break the rules... oh well in my world there are no rules..... =D

i got a feeling of going china now le.... hahahhaha lets go XD

i wanna ask.... y do people like playing with my hair?????? and also pinching my checks???? can anyone reply me????? cuz one senior from other course pulled my hair... and he was playing with my hair....

im addicted to this song in my phone and is called bananaphone!!!!!!! is nice i have it and is my ringtone... lol XD

brader is sleeping well i guess i wanna sleep too... pigs!!! oink oink oink!!!! =) oh this reminds me i HAVE TO STUDY!!!!!!
pls kill me ppl... i don wanna study le im LAZY... hahahahha yeah lazy...

if i have the chance
i wanna say ...
u will und wat i mean =)

p/s: i want new heels.... i want new handbag.... i want to go shopping like i used to do... anyone wanna follow???? =( oh yea i also want new earing and wrist bands... pls pls pls buy for me *desperate girl in the house*

eating ice cream that brader buy for me although im still coughing... lol =)

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