Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my 100 post =)

hahahahahha im so so the HAPPY!!!!!!! cuz is my 100 post.... wow 0.0 *eyes wide open* i din know i manage to post so many stuff..... anyway wanna know wat happen 2 day.... well i kinda woke up *force to* 2 get ready to college... finally i can go but the story never ends here... while i was driving.... i don know y is it me still sick or wat cuz i nearly bang the pavement corner thingy.... oh yea b4 that my car the engine died at the round a bout... i can see car lining up behind me... hehehehhehe but it was scarly la =(

so so so reach college i parked nicely and hey went class... i was early and i sat there... don know wats wrong with me i started sweating like mad... but not so serious la i was coughing badly and flu den my head started to go heavy and begin to go dizzy... haih.... so i slept... fren came in and all like hey so long din see u i wave and slept back... BLAH!!! i don know la all i know head was super painful.... everyone in class was sick... hahahhaha ok it was not me... i juz went college 2 day and im innocent =)

whole time im class i was sleeping actually not consider sleeping is laying my head on my hands which was on the table... sms to chua taufu and other ppl... when class finally ends... i was like har finish..... but time does fade slowly 2 day.... that is wat i think la.... so i decided to like rest for a while like 5 minutes but my fren said i think u better go back now cuz u really look dead... *do i?????* hmmmmm so i went but this time i din reverse the car myself... i ask the uncle cuz i was in a bad stage where dizzyness got worst... oh well I STILL HAVE 2 DRIVE!!!!!!!

off i went and this time i nearly bang a car which was not moving at all... funny rite???? ok ok juz said that i was not concentrating on the road... dizzyness is making me feel like that *bangging stuff* hahahahhaha the moment i reach home i was kinda shocked la for wat happen... i din know that a sick person drive their estimation sucks.. =( and yes im admiting here...

ate instant noodle as aunt cook all by herself not even thinking that i have 2 eat.... *at that moment i was pissed* den i called dad but finally i cooked myself instead of asking him cuz he kinda got mad at the phone.... ate med and sleep... next thing i know dad was back ask whether wanna go jj.... lol i was like YES!!!!! only buy stuff for the kitchen... for your info i did not buy any new shoes ok.... i wanted but no one wanna follow me..... how sad =( anyway went back home den kelvin called me.... he ask me whether wanna come for prayers or not... so i said ok if my dad let me.... and yes i went.... i drove there eventhough kelvin offered me to fetch me... hmmmm blekz =P i wanna get the hang of it driving in sick condition...

we are gonna sing new song on friday nite and the song is ALL FOR JESUS... is nice i was there while they were practicing and and and yum cha for a while at aneka... oh yea matt is sick, joel is sick and kelvin is sick... owhhhhhhhhh pity and not forgetting me im sick 2.... hahahhahah

ok ok is getting late i better sleep now.... hahahaha

p/s: im not goin college 2 moro =)

if i got the chance
i know i will not have it
it seems hard to get

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