Saturday, August 23, 2008

my decision

i have decided... and this is my choice... no one but me....
i have decided 2 stay in infuse
and that is for sure
i prayed so hard and i finally got my answer
ppl have been guiding me
and thank for all your support
im not lost k...
i wanna serve for god
and that is my decison
i love my frens and i will forgive them for wat wrong they have done
cuz god said love your neighbours as yourself
and yes
i love my frens
im so sorry for posting that post bout the slut thingy
i will forget bout it and start all over again
i kinda think that driving alone at night very scary...
especially goin some where far and coming back sitting alone in car
although music is on...
but is still scary
i will not wanna drive far away alone anymore
ppl pls fetch me... =)
im back to studying
they said i don look stressful
but indeed i do
i must study!!!!!
i love u all
p/s: god love all of us.... god is always faithful in us... god is our refuge and tower of strength... amen!!!! =)

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