Monday, August 4, 2008


since jo is back hahahahhaha we had a wonderful time 2 gather... although i had fever and all i still went out with her all... semangat la tu.... =) at first i din know that she ady reach ipoh.... i only knew it through my aunt that she was driving out for lunch.... after that i msg her and she reaply saying that whether wanna follow her for a ride around our area.... hahahhaha yea i did and jo your driving did not make me sick la..... drove around our area *canning garden* for like 3 rounds???? i think den off we went out.... hehehehehehe went human touch 2 yum cha... i ate herbal jelly again..... =D by that time we chatted for very long too... from 5 something to 7 i think....

den after that we went to tha padang near our house and it actually brought back good memories when we were young.... we played there everytime jo and jan came back from kl.... oh well jan u actually miss everything cuz u r in aussie.... lol

this is joanne lee.... lol talking to mummy on the phone.... let the pics to the talking.... for sure we had lots of fun =)

me and my so called spartan shoes and jo with her flip flops....

lol with the sun's effect this is what u get... XD

did i tel u guys that i cut my frindge???? lol this is how i look like after cutting it =) im loving it =D

i know i don look sick here.... but i am

there was somthing inside spartan's shoe but for sure it was not a bug.... if it is i wont be posing for the camera la.....

another silly act of us at the padang... =) we juz cant stop camwhoring... hahahahhaa =D

jo hanging and showing her butt for the cam hahahhaha XD and next was my turn... i look like a silly monkey hanging and pls don laugh... ini akibat orang yang sakit *blink* *blink* i kinda look retard...... =X

and then there is this candid where i was calling my dad for permission to have dinner with jo and her mum... and YES!!!! daddy said yes hahahahhaha oh yea we were at the see-saw * errrrrrr is that how u spell??? man i should have go back kindergarden* =(

and next it was dinner.... is all about FOOD =)



food!!!!!!! =D

doesn't it sounds tempting... hahahahha we went to aneka to have dinner.... oh well wat can i say more... oh yea saw jethro... and he is goin for tuition... errrrrr since when there got another tuition centre la??????

oh well that was dinner and i was super full.... speaking of full and the same time i feel dizzy too... hehehehehe don know la... after dinner jo fetch me back and off she went to her aunts house... i change get got ready for kelvin 2 fetch me 2 isc..... when he arrive i thought of calling him that i don wanna go and when i called he is ady in front of my house.... hmmmmmmm oh well dad was back 2 and he actually wanted 2 take me 2 the doctor... but i went to isc instead....
when we were there... we played snooker... i played for a while but i had this weird feeling.... oh yea b4 i went to isc i actually checked my temperature and it was 39 hmmmmmm fever fever fever... kelvin prayed for me =) and i went anti socializing for that moment.... =(
went back and slept but i could not sleep cuz i had this nightmare... and is the same one again and again.... it keep on repeating.... so this means i was awke the whole nite..... =(


i din go service but i went to see the doc..... meet with andrew in front of the seven eleven shop.... he advise me not to go for the kl thingy and yes i did not go.... i was actually looking forward to go but seems im super sick.... i cant go... sobz sobz... oh well no appetite for the whole day and i was sleeping the whole day.... head was heavy so ate med in empty stomach and zzzzzzzzz that all.... din go college 2 day so i don know whether im goin 2 moro or not....

med is like part of my life ady.....

i don want!!!!!!!!

=( =( =(

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