Sunday, August 24, 2008

sorry =[

im sorry for wat i have said.... i really din mean it... i was not thinking properly before saying something wrong.... i felt guilty for doin it...
fan la fan la!!!!
im actually kinda amazed to see trees... i wanna know how they feel now...
i juz think that being a tree is much more better den being a human being... malaysian trees are green all year round well if compared to overseas trees... they changes =)
like human feelings... ppl do change.. like trees they shed everytime the seasons changes... when in summer they grow... in spring they blossam... in authum they shed and in winter they are bald...
like we humans... we tend to be greedy at some point... we tend to be friendly... we tend to hurt ppls feeling and we will forgive and be frens again... don u think our life is just like a tree???
i do... and to say this i am emoing back =(
everyone has ups and down in their life but i juz choose to be the down one...
how i wish that my mum is here so that i can tell all wat i feel
but i just cant cuz she is in spore and im here in ipoh =(
keeping all by myself is all i did ever since she left
i don feel comfortable where im staying...
ppl i meet and ppl i share
it juz make me down
i don get it ppl why ppl can be as happy like joyful type
and some are sad like that whole world had turn against them
is horrible when u have to decide
sad vs happy
emo vs joyful
is all mixed up.......
im lost back and i don know how i feel now
i might be cold-hearted or i might be friendly
i have been thinking alot nowadays...
if christians are like that... y am i one????
i need an answer


yau wei(wendy) said...

hello!*hugz*is alrite that you realized your mistake.Next time,you must be careful of what you've said.Anyway,life transitions has never been easy.Stay strong in the Lord,my girl. =)

Ju Dee said...

hmmmmmm im still guilty of it la... i also don know now
i feel like not talking at all
putting sticky tape on my mouth =X