Sunday, August 31, 2008

started with a bad sem

now im officially having chicken pox.... well sem break will be the worst now... i don even know where i got it from and who... im so so clueless of it.... and now i have to eat medicine and worst days are gonna happen.... it so not cool... wanna know why...

  1. i cannot get to go spore to see mummy

  2. im gonna be stuck at home for like errrrrr till i get well

  3. canonot go pangkor with my frens

  4. cannot go shopping which i want to do the most now

  5. eat sick ppl food

  6. eat medicine for one whole week or mayb more

  7. i have to be prepared for wat will be coming

gah gah gah!!!! IM HATING EVERY SINGLE MOMENT NOW!!!!!!!!

y does this happen to me????? does all this happen for a reason????? =( =( =(

god y me??? i did not pray for this to happen and y are u stopping me from goin down spore... is not fair at all... im so so dissapointed now.... im not blaming god or wat i juz wanna know y all this happen to me... is like end of my days....

ok ok wellnext if i got the chance to have a tattoo.... i will wanna have this pattern on my ankle...

i don know wat is stands for but is nice =) hahahahah im still obsess with shoes.... my life revolves around heel, shoe and flip flops =)

well for now i cannot do that =( *emoing* anyway i juz wanna end with some few lines of words...

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