Thursday, August 14, 2008


the weather has gone mad!!!! wat is goin on???? but the prob is i don sweat... hehehehe i juz feel warm..... =) ok ok yerterday went for prayer meeting kelvin ar... woke me from my beauty sleep... hahahahha joking only i was suppose to wake up anyway... pray pray den yum cha in wooley.... i was totally bored when they were practicing... im doin lcd and hmmmm now i und a lcd fellow doin it... is so so BORING!!!! in wooley... i kena bully again... thanks joel, matt, joshua, kelvin and andrew.... u guys make me feel so so darn happy...*yea rite* went back home and i was watching anime with my brader... hahahahha it was nice =)

2 day woke up super early cuz classes now brought forward which mean safety and hygiene in catering starts at 10 while hospitality english starts at 1 til 2.30... gah!!!! so tired le.... i wanna sleep but cant cuz have 2 go college... brader have to force himself to wake up cuz have to fetch this adorable boonmo to college... lol i was late for class like 10 minutes =0 i told brader is ok but he said next time how???? when u work don tel me u are gonna be late everytime??? i juz shut myself up lol den went brader fetch me back... i din know he has arrived... i was sitting at the sofa's chatting with wei kang, andrew *another andrew but this is college andrew* and also brain... stupid brain tang you ar want me to beat u up????

ate pan mee again behind my college... hahahahha it is nice!!!! *thumbs up* lol well nothing much 2 day was my open day for the cafeteria.... invited all the headmaster/headmistress in ipoh... lol mgs din come.. safe!!!!!! hmmmm after that i curi makan when all the heads left... heheheheh only watermelon la... blekz =P

hmmmmm im sad again.... well brader is goin back spore 2 nite.... i don want my brader to go back =( it will be as fun anymore... i don want i don want!!!!!!! i was happy at first but seeing him packing his stuff really makes me feel kinda heavy to let my brader to leave... this is y i hate the word bye.... it juz makes me feel that everything has gone.....

hmmmmmmm he pinch my checks again!!!!! y do everyone play with my hair and pinch me... cant even defend myself.... blah!!!!! anyway b4 class started after lunch... me, bih tong, nick, patricia and suren were all in class watching horror movie!!!!.... stupid i thought some nice movie ended up some freaking horror movie... i did screams my lungs out when that crazy gal started killing all ppl... is so so so scary!!!!!!!! =(

for sure there is gonna be nightmare for me and i don think i can sleep cuz the pic is now in my head.... cant take it out.... hmmmmm i don think i wanna go cell 2 day.... i wanna spend more time with brader b4 he leaves... =( no!!!!!!!!!!

emo gal is back which means boonmo this means im boonmo forever .... y do ppl leaves and go away but comes back when they have a short holiday... y cant they have a long one... and stay longer next to me....

happyness has gone

welcome sadness

how i wish this does not happen to me =(

happy birthday grecia!!!!!

i miss u so much

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