Friday, August 15, 2008

wat a day

lol im no longer a princess since my brader is back in spore... this means i have 2 drive to college which now im sick of... BRADER PLS COME BACK HOME!!!! =( im ady missing u badly... well i had a sleepless nite yesterday due to the horror movie that i watch... jezzzzzzz stupid friends of mine that make me watch although i said i wanted 2 watch but i din know it was that scary....

went college and yes i drove in that stupid jam... wrong timing where schools are finish and all the cars are there to picked there kids up.... hmmmm i thought that on fridays there wont be that much ppl so that there are lots of parking place for me 2 choose and park... seems that my estimation is wrong!!!! but there is a good parking place for me =)

i am back to my old days again which means i go college empty stomach... well is like a habit for me so so so yeah i don eat.... i planned 2 eat near college but all my friends have eaten leaving me alone... so i sms kelvin and ask him whether he wants to have lunch togather... weeeeeeee!!!!!!!! he said yes so after college i drove all the way back to church and find him.... so we went jj had mcd for my branch =D fern was back too so we called her out.... saw phui mun and she was in tears when she saw us... lol i miss u so much finally we get to meet each other gal =)

finally a proper meal into my stomach with satisfaction... wait for your info i was back as a princess again cuz kelvin drove my car to jj =) thank you kelvin!!!! i went shopping for some stuff and yes i brought 3 nail polish from the face shop =)

spend like rm 17 something here den is off to popular... i brought this book..

true singapore ghost stories by russel lee... im a huge fan of his book... and i have all from 1 to this one... hehehehhehe i dare to read but i don dare to watch horror movies =)

hmmmmm i had lots of fun and now im back blogging bout wat i have done 2 day... oh well i do miss the psp that brader brought back... something is wrong with it so have to bring back to spore...

brader take care for me... i will go down to spore during sem break... wakakakakka and that will be soon =) cant wait to see my beloved psp again...

ok i better stop bragging bout my psp and all oh well now i think im goin to rest and i have 2 be in church by 7 something... hahahaha im gonna drive the other car which has a better horsepower.... lol shhhhhh!!!! my brader don know that im driving his car =) too bad too sad i will look after your car don worry....

loving u is all i want

and all i need

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