Saturday, August 16, 2008

yesterday youth was quite nice...was talking bout devine purpose where that i learn we have to be focus on some goal or something where God is always in front of u and u are always being pulled by temptations around us.... when we fall for any temptation God is there waiting for us cuz he is a faithful God... AMEN!!!! had fun i was doin lcd and yes i did lots of mistake... din know where was joshua singing.... gah!!!! after youth i did not follow the rest for yum cha instead me, andrew, christine and lilian went and yum cha with winson they all in pasir puteh... =) had lots of fun and seriously i laugh like a mad person.. all thanks to yee cheong... he said this... 'wo se babi' laugh non stop =D went back super late like one something and i was amazed that daddy din scold me for going back late.. he din even call me but i called him to inform him i was coming back late hehehehehe

2 day woke up early cuz doggie was barking and is kinda disturbing la.... daddy was preparing to go out station for one night with frens which means im all home alone with aunt and grandma... =( fetch aunt go but food den after that waited for ashley to fetch me for caroling practice.... we kinda got lost around that area so called winson to guide us =)

practice was ok... this time there were more ppl that came for practice... there were me, sharon, lilian, joy, winson, yee cheong, andrew, ashley, kylie, arvin, christine lee *she was there cuz andrew was there* and weng kin *he was there to fellowship* lol took some pics while we were in wins room...

arvin said i look pale... do i???? anyway i was having my gastric problem when i took this phone.... hmmmm anyway i felt princess cuz i no need to drive all the way to pasir puteh... gagagagagaga =) thank you ashley =D den we were all super hungry so we all went to kfc near pangkalan... that is wat i heard from joy so we camwhore again =)

camwhore in ashley's car... hahahahha 1st pic was silly look while the 2nd want was mad but it turn out i was being ignorant... lol this is how i spend my time with new camera.... =)

and when we were in kfc.... the nerds od all nerds....

i was wearing joy's spec while she is wearing kylie's specs... lol ok this make my eyes hurts cuz im wearing contact lens.... hahahahha
went back home and i feel lonely =(
i want mummy now and bro to make me happy back
exams are coming
still haven study
im always like that
u are always there for me
i don know wat to say
i love u
huggies and muaxxie

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