Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tagged from honkie all the way in aussie and also lixin... is the same =)

the self...

[01] name: khor ju dee

[02] nickname: boonmo, ju ju dee, ju dee dee, banabatbear, hamster, piggy, hampwig, ju ju boms
gah theres lots more =X

[03] married: still single and loving it =)

[04] zodiac sign: capricorn

[05] gender: female

[06] age: 18

[07] high school: monkey goreng seluar/malaysis greatest school =X nah i don think so...

[08] college: olympia college ipoh...

[09] height: im short... 160 cm

[10] weight: blekz... trying to lose weight la...

[11] do u like yourself: duh of course... i love myself =)

[12] piercing: on both ears...

[13] right or left: both lo... 6 on right and 3 one left makes it 9 in total =)

[14] are u a freak: way should i say... am i a freak????

[15] hair: currently brownish i think.... u see la =D

[16] skin: as fair as snow white... hahahha *puke* how to describe la

[17] allergic: yes seafood like prawn and crabs.... =(

[18] what are u doing now: doing this tagged as im bored

[19] what will u do 1 hour later: pasar malam??? i think tired mayb sleep =)

[20] what will u do 10 years later: well married to a rich old jerk and take all of his possesion
when he is dead??? lol how i wish i could

the family....

[21] live with mother/father/pareant: dad as mum is in spore.... well consider it as parents

[22] siblings: 3

[23] eldest: jie jie la.... somemore who wo

[24] youngest: mua mua

[25] love or hate your family: LOVE!!!

the love....

[26] u found your the other half: well i think yes but no... hahahhaha

[27] if yes, who is he/her: why should i tell la... =X

[28] if no, who u want him/her to be: very 8 la hahahahha

[29] time(s) you in relationship: har!!!! apa la

[30] anyone wooooo u before: i don know....

[31] ever wooooo boy/girl before: i don know how.... but i wanna try =)

[32] did anything wrong to your the other half: errrrrr miss und??? i think

[33] wat was/were the wrong u had done: errrrr said something really mean??? i think

[34] ever argue with your the other half: NOPE!!!!

[35] you with your other half since: haven start yet la... hahahahhaha

[36] are u straight/lesbo: if i like someone sure straight rite.... im ain les!!!

[37] reasons u love your other half: dia bully saya??? oh he was there when i need one???

[38] u and your the other half at what stage: wah got stage somemore ar???

[39] u woo he/ she of he woo u: apa tu woo??? got woi la

[40] ever think marry him/she: hmmmmmmmmmm

the friends...

[41] your 1st best friend: ching mun

[42] your 1st enermy: tak ada

[43] the friend that u love the most: i don choose... i love everyone equally =)

[44] the enermy u hate the most (1 only): insects heheheheh

[45] your most beautiful girlfren: all my girl frens =)

[46] your most handsome guy fren: errrrr must i tell???

[47] the kind of girl that u hate the most: the girl that thinks she own everything... that fakes out
everything from expression and all =)

[48] the kind of boy that u hate the most: fooling with a girls heart...

[49] u fall in love with your close fren b4: hahahhaa wat should i say...

[50] your best fren is your ex lover: no

[51] if your fren backstabbed you: i shall not say a word.... i juz ignore cuz is ady their habit of
doing it.... i don care!!!

[52] if your fren betray u: kick her ass and tell her wat do u think u r doin....

[53] if your fren woo your lover: now i know the meaning of woo....

[54] if your fren fall in love with u: i will got reddish??? wait it muz be a boy!!!!! no girls k im not
a lesbian

[55]if u fall in love with your best fren: which one are u talking about??? im blurr

the studies...

[56] are u a good student: u say le...

[57] you always do your homework/ assignments: duh got marks le... of course

[58] the teacher/tutor u love the most: miss nurainie... opps is madam nurainie =)

[59] always late to school/college: hahahhaha errrrrr got lots of time i guess

[60] your class: is filled with whacky ppl.... hahahahaha

[61] u love your seniors: i hate them!!! no la they are great only some are mean *banana*

[62] senior who u loves the most: non of them cuz the bully me =(

[63] your classmate: they are crazy, wild!!!!!!! like those in zoo

[64] excellent results classmate: i shall choose fiona cuz she is the laser mouth =)

[65] laziest classmate: ALL!!!!

the people...

[66] smart ppl: mua

[67] stupid ppl: mua

[68] good looking ppl: mua

[69] ugly ppl: hahahha not me =)

[70] funny ppl: winson chee, yee cheong, joy, justin, my gang and me

[71] cute ppl: me??? ok ok joan =)

[72] bad ppl: i think me or someone

[73] honest ppl: me and some frens... not all but the most honest is God

[74] acting ppl: hahahhaha wat shoud i say???

[75] u are wat kind of ppl: judge me yourself =)

the prefer....

[76] lips or eyes: eyes

[77] hugs or kisses: both

[78] shorter or taller: not too short not too tall... muz be ngam ngam

[79] hesitant or spontaneous: spontaneous

[80] nice stomach or nice arms: both

[81] listener or talker: both =)

[82] romantic or rich: i want both well is greed... anyway i want romantic

[83] good husband or good father: make it both =)

the future...

[84] age to get marry: don know la

[85] number of kids: i have freaking no idea

[86] career: i wanna make big bucks.... money $$$$

[87] salary: big big big amount infinity =)

[88] retirement age of working: hahahahha when i don wanna work ady

[89] properties value: =X

[90] wishes: there are many and it will be long.... hahahhahaah

the victims

  • shi min

  • jonan

  • wendy

  • jill

  • tyreal

  • andrew

  • -

  • -

  • -

  • -
  • -
gah who the hell created this tagged???? man super long la... hahahhah anyway i went to weng kin's house well he is not there but i was having fun with his sis... =) oh yea finally i get to see weng kin's hornie dog... CHASEY =)

gotta admit she is cuter den cashie but my cashie is smarter =) the is a mean doggie man... bite me and my thumb bleed... stupid dog.... and she pee everywhere.... anyway she was noisy... feel like putting mouthpiece on her la... hahahhaha was there till noon... and me and lixin camwhore =)

in her room... hahahahah weng kin i know how your room looks like =p too bad the door was widely open hahahhaha fetch lixin to her ballet class and my mind was telling me to eat hakka noodle... lol drove all the way to wooley... ta pau hakka noodle yummy =) ok ok i wanna lose weight!!!! 2 moro is bbq party at miss and also sleepover... guess wat

mummy is coming back but not sure.... sigh!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


it has been so long that our gang have not meet each other... and today finally all of us are complete... our gang consists of me, joan, rachel, thanus, jeet jeet, michy, hasy, and jenny.... we are also known as snow white and the 7 dwarves =)...

early in the morning i woke up and prepared to go thanus house as i don feel like driving to jj and btw my eyes pain and also my legs are killing me... wat is wrong with me la???? anyway mitchy drove... lol it was so cool... in the car we were all talking nonsense =) upon reaching jj i help micthy park the car but it is the same like wat she did... lol anyway we meet with the rest and we are all super duper happy..... expression that cannot be explain =)

we all went to food and tea restaurant to eat... hahahha rachel make us wear this glasses of should i call it shades????

i look horrible.... lol and here e standing obeytion goes to jeet jeet as she is the late one =)

i took pic with joan and and and there is this waiter that my frens call him the young version of takeshi dude.... he kinda hated to serve us but too bad we are your customer!!!! =P practically i took lots of pics =) anyway i shall let the pics do the talking ....

joan look so hot in the shades... and as for me i am pretending to be a taylor student and promoting a bear =)

oh yeah saw jonan and gang.. the anderson's hahahha i was shock to see eric.... cuz it has been a while i did not see him ady.... =) anyway we all went jalan jalan den ended up in food court cuz we were like donut!!!! in the end we juz chat and chat... totally forgot bout it =D.... in food court we have this =)

mitchy and hasy was fighting over something in the phone..... i was laughing non stop =)

oh well i continue to camwhore and this is rachel with her cam... she took my pic i took her pic... =D

all smiling for the camera... like doin some advertisement man.... especially hasy o.o.....

from left: hasy, joan, me and rachel *shades* hahahahha look at jenny..... blurrrrrrrrr =)

after all this hey wait.... i totally forgot that we even brought movie tickets... =) some movie with takeshi kaneshiro acting in it... lol went to capcom... we took those pic using those mechine... well we went 2 macheine cuz it was kinda dissaponting that it cannot fit all of us inside.... hahahhaha but it was fun... i even took some pics with own camera... hahahahha i got in touch with my childhood times....

we were late for movie went in it was a total dissapoinment man... the movie was boring and i don understand wat it wa stalking about.... anyway me and thanus went out from the movie and went shopping =) we went vincci again and i told her which pair of heels i want... *smile smile* she said was nice and i was happy but i still have to wait for mum to come back.... went to mango tengok tengok..

den in esprit... we tried on some top and i totally adore this top... super expensive la and im shock cuz im wearing size L... i drop down one size =)

i finally got my mcd ice cream =) hahahha meet up with the rest as they finish their movie so we went padini =) again.... hahahahha there was a big sale duh raya ma.... and i always wanted this top ....

have to dig through so many pile of baju to find my beloved k.... i brought it and guess wat daddy brought back some too..... ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! i got lots of new baju to wear =) ahahhahha after that we went to esprit again and camwhore outside the shop b4 we leave.... see the frenship that u have during skul times really makes u go back time..

jill and me... i adore her and she hearts me =) i even heart joan.... and she heart me too =)

me and jenny aka cow or chicken????? hahahahha

me and tall jeet or model jeet???? wat do u think guys...

me and rachel!!!!!! =)

me and mitchy....

ma and joan again in esprit btw i forgot to take pics with thanus.... oh no... sprry thanus but u are forever in my heart k.... hehehehehe and lastly the group partially not there =) i enjoyed my day and it was really tiring

jenny is sleeping... hahahhahha i love u guys...

happy birthday sharon jessy kaur =)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

amazing weekend =)

my week was juz awesome... want me to describe???? i enjoy my week with my bestest frens among all and i went yum cha with them =) anyway suppose to go out yesterday but my eyes are killing me so i ended up did not go and stay at home and chat with my frens....

sunday... hari ini saya buat apa le??? lol i went service but not in fga... i went gmc *grace church methodist church* in pasir puteh... yee cheong fetch me and in his car he was listening some japanese songs... ada feel la according to kylie =D... reach there service ady started and it was cool.... sermon was great and it kinda applied wat im goin through now.... i listen and had free food there.. meet up with lots of ppl and is youth time... hahahha during games justin's head bang my head and now bengkak a bit ady... super pain... my knee the skin there came out and my toes kena step and also kena knock by a table while carrying.... some bad luck i guess...

after that makan somewhere near i was in justin car so i kinda shared a bit wat im goin through... oh yea i saw ivy... so long din see her ady.... =)

after makan we all went home.. well i rest for a while den im off out again... went to extream park for futsal.. but due to the bruises tat i got this morning... nah i juz sit and watch the game =) oh yea cop was there... and and ps. clement was playing... lol

send jonan and desmond back... ekkk!!! upon reaching jonan's house he he he disturb my driving and kinda lose control.... ish!!!!!! 1st person to do that and im screaming in car like some mad person.... hahahhah i think tat all.... =)

seeeeeeeeeeee i enjoy my weekend =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


i had a great time yesterday... kinda went out the whole day but i did came back la... if i don i think dad woud have killed and chopped me in million pieces... hahahha in the afternoon i went to evelyn's house lepak for a while cuz zhen was out to buy lunch... anyway we all have a date with each other lol.... at evelyn's house we chat den drink water den tada off we went to zhen's house =)..... on the way man it was really raining heavily.... when we reach she is still not back so in car we all chat... evelyn tried on my jacket lol my hotel jacket.... =) when zhen is back i din know cuz my car was in front of her house so i kena move...

while in her house man we are all soak in rain.... lol oh yeah teddy and amber bising la.. but soon amber is quiet but teddy keeps on barking at us... lol gah!!!!!!!! amber so fat ady... form last time i saw her wei and she is so adorable... lol wanna take her back la...

this is teddy the bising one =X keep on barking at me and evelyn.... and and me kissing amber =)

i like amber big eyes... hahahaha me and evelyn even ask zhen can we bring amber back home... she said bring la bring la... like so senang like that..... den when the rain was getting lesser we all went to kopitiam behind jj... lol finally i get to eat my lunch or breakfast???

we all chatted and oh yea sam... zhen's fren was there too lol she was playin poker with zhen's laptop... hahahhaha she very funny la... halfway playing she ask wei my drink how come change ady le... lol so funnly la... well we all talked bout life and all... even some bout something and im not telling here... =)

it is great to catch up with frens again... after that took evelyn to jj to get her stuff... den went to her place for a while.... tinklebell loves me.... they said it will bite but nope she did not but lick me =)

after that took evelyn to author her skirts... cuz it was too big.. lol the same thing happen to me... it was super huge.... kinda have fun there... ohhhhhhhhh i saw this pants i like man is 45 bucks and i can fit in... lol errrrrrrrrrrrr i don know should i buy... well nah i think i got more den enough... hehehehehe send evelyn back den i went back and rest for a while....

on9 oh yeah i chatted with my fren from uk... wow miss her so much =) chat chat chat den den go out yum cha with wins they all... lol in chang jiang.... oooooooooo yee cheong came to my house and waited for weng kin to fetch us all there... lol he said the weather is warm tat y wanna stay in the car with air cond and all... i was like the weather super cold le... lol anyway went chang jiang... man i kena bully again.. since when im become yee cheong and weng kin's adopted doggie?????

don know la all i know i kena bully!!!!!!!!! lol it was fun la goin out with wins even better den errrrrrr i shall not continue..... went back at 1 something... hahahahah dad din scold me =o..... but he is soundly a sleep in his room... wakakakaka

2 day i got another date with evelyn... lol she is gonna fetch me =) oh no shoot my notes and assignments... i have to do =( gah don care la now... im looking forward for the bbq party and the sleepover at miss house... im gonna party whole nite with the seniors there???? ewwww got banana, blueberry and pineapple... hahahah HND and their names... lol =)

oh and a note to myself...

lol =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

bitches and more bitches

hahahha it juz came into mind that this title is worth posting... anyway i have enough of all this crap ady.. im sick of facing u guys and well if u come across my blog hahaha i juz give you a hint... i hate it being there..... i actually thought u r my fren that i trust and look forward to.... but u r juz making me a fool among everyone... anyway im leaving for sure this time..... u have not been honest with me and i have been tested so the time has come...

hmmmmmm i was really pissed off when i found out tat thing. hmmmm anyway im aint being childish and complaining but im juz being myself.... MYSELF!!!!!! and i love myself =)

anyway back to bout class.... im currently in computer lab in college..... juz to pass my time i decided to blog... hahahahha there has been lots of things goin on in class lately.... me with banana and now kawan ku????? ok ok kawan ku is a shop name.... juz to represent someone.. ekkkkkkk no way!!!!!!!!! he said vulgar words at me... like hmmmmm seems is my blog i don care ady.... he even said this to me.....

kawan ku : fuck off!!!!!!!/ shut up piggy!!!!!!!!!

anyway this is testing my patient so i shall remain pateint and not say another word... and the thing is im in the same presentation group as him.. WTH!!!!! hahahahha ppl u may seat back and enjoy the drama when we are presenting.... i ady sense that bad things will happen... no no no!!!!!!! i don wanna be in the same group as him *buat muka tak puas hati langsung*

the new student dixon is following the footsteps of the rest bullying me =( gah!!!!

ok i now have this thing in my mind and that is to be an aneorexic or a bulimic person... i don feel like eating but i juz ate veggietarien food juz now with my frens... and and and bih tong BURP!!!!!!!!!!! super loud in public... me, patricia and fiona laugh non stop...

now i shall get ready and wear my tie for f&b 2 in cafeteria... lol i gonna be a slacker gal later
hahahahhahaha ok im off goin for class blekz =P us gals for f&b 2 have to set up a buffet set table and here it looks like that... we got good grades =) while guys they have to set a a la carte table...

after finishing so i decided to play around with bih tong and the rest... i make her tie super high and in the end cant even take it down...

and i also took pics with bih tong, patricia and fiona =) *smiles*

i am a happy girl now... i sense freedom =D anyway my face still got the scars from my chicken pox...

and as for the top part.. pls mind me i juz feel like posting wat i feel =) im happy that there are other ppl at my side... u???? u can have watever u want.... i don want it ady!!!!! im sick of it =) *proud to say it loudly*

opps.... it makes me even more bichy but i don care =) cuz u own that title more den me